Dear Maddy: I LOVE U

Hi Knitting Friends,

Madelinetosh sock Coquette
Madelinetosh sock Coquette

I cannot hide my Madelinetosh obsession even if I tried. I was in my LYS near my job last weekend trying to be good. What do they say about ‘good intentions’ >> someone always finds trouble. I have an aversion to the color pink, but I promised my mom that she would have socks. I am aiming for Thanksgiving to be the due date >> so I hope to start soon or at least run through some patterns. Here are my top choices? What do factors do you consider before knitting socks?

(Left to Right) Cadence, My Cup of Tea, Gladys, and Wendel
(Left to Right) Cadence, My Cup of Tea, Gladys, and Wendel

My Cup of Tea socks by Robin Lynn / Cadence by Verybusymonkey

Wendel by General Hogbuffer / Gladys by The House of Hogbuffer


2 thoughts on “Dear Maddy: I LOVE U

  1. Midnight Knitter June 26, 2015 / 4:34 PM

    I just love the color of that yarn! Good Pick. šŸ™‚ I think that I consider the “cute factor” when I select a sock pattern, but I also want something that is interesting with maybe a new technique or heel. I have learned to avoid things that are too intricate (lace, twisted stitches, cable needles and having to work off a chart at the same time!!) as they will give me a headache. I’ve also learned to send a picture of potential sock patterns (that I would like to knit) to the person I am gifting the socks on so they can pick the socks they want to wear. I’m always socked to discover that my sister wants the “ugly” sock.

  2. Syd June 26, 2015 / 9:14 PM

    I like Gladys! It looks like a really fun knit and matches the funkiness of the pink. I’m not a fan of lace socks (at least not yet, ha!) But I do like texture.

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