Hey June: Presents

Hello Knitting Friends,

I have been pretty busy…no knit busy, but life busy. I have attempted a couple of projects that haven’t panned out. It’s unsettling for me to get defeated on a project that seems so simple. I can chalk it up my inability to read charts. When it comes to fair isle, I’m golden– I know to change colors there isn’t a hard thing to follow. BUT when it comes to yarn overs, double decreases >> my mind just blanks. So on my third attempt to master Kate Davies’ Fantoosh shawl, I have politely set it aside.

(L to R) Magnolia Society June 2015 Jupiter colorway, Dragonflyfibers Traveller, SewFinicky project bag
(L to R) Magnolia Society June 2015 Jupiter colorway, Dragonfly Fibers Traveller, SewFinicky project bag

To celebrate my birthday, I ‘suspended’ my yarn diet to purchase some much needed or wanted yarns. I joined the Summer 2015 Yarn club hosted by Madelinetosh better known as the Magnolia Society. The benefit of this group is that you get to vote on the colorway that fits your subscription. Luckily the vote that I made won the majority of votes, but sadly I wasn’t to thrilled about it. I enjoy blue…but can’t envision the best project for it right now. Another thrill is that my Sister from another Mister gifted me a knit project bag @SewFinicky. I am in love with the fabric. It will definitely be holding my next knitting project. I am relieved that I am almost done with my 2nd sock and they fit this time around.

Shaking the 2nd sock syndrome
Petty Harbour: Shaking the 2nd sock syndrome

And to complete my birthday, I won yarn/pattern in a recent random drawing. I am in love with Dragonfly Fibers >> sorry Madelinetosh (a close second). I am very happy and excited. I plan on introducing the beautiful project soon. I need to finish these damn socks (lol) before I sink my knitted teeth into a new project. As June comes to a close, I have definitely out did myself. I have continued my workout routine. Ellipitical, treadmill, and yoga tapes for lunch. I have no specific goals yet, but I am managing to reduce my stress level.


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