Hey June: Dirty 34

Hi knitting friends,

mysistersknitterTwo weeks before my bday, I had a hairy idea to start working out again. I don’t have specific goals, I just want to feel better. So as of 8:30am I am feeling the burn at Soul Cycle DC riding into my mid-30s.


And on the knitting tip….I’m about to start something new…

Cycling shoes with clips

…Later on during mid-day:

So I made it through the intensive SoulCyle spinning class. I didn’t start getting scared until after the first song. The music was super loud so it definitely helped to drown out my doubt. I like the experience because I felt like it was not about competition. It was about where I was and the room was dark so I didn’t feel self-conscious about my body. About 25 minutes into the routine, I realized that I am not a multi-tasked dancer. I remembered to breath and thank goodness that my feet were clipped in. I survived it and I’ll probably go back soon. All and all I am proud to cross-off spinning on my goal list. #34 is about intentions. I am pledging to be more intentional with many areas of my life. I don’t dread getting older, but I am going to be more persistent and focused on getting this done. Having fun going through life is an intentional things that I want to do. Knit friends…what’s on your list? What’s that unattainable project or personal goal that has felt unreachable?


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