Hey June: Be nice

My old phone
My old phone

Hey Knitting Friends,

May 2015 seemed to be the longest month. These past 31 days were filled with my family and friends celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday time. I managed to squeeze a short family trip to Atlanta for Memorial Day. I had such a lovely time. I made great progress with one sock, however I am still struggling with my current measurements. It looks like I will be making socks for someone else. I forgot my feet swell in the Summertime. Perhaps I should just make all winter socks with the measurement for my ‘winter-sized’ feet. On another note, I managed to finally get around to buying a new cell phone. fantoosh_2I don’t have anything knitwise to show other than I am working on a pair of socks for my mother (pending next post). So my WIP projects are piling up. I am still working on the Kate Davies Fantoosh Shawl. I am mathematically challenged, so this is my third attempt to make sure the rows and numbers are matching. Thank the heavens for Ravelry. A wonderful group member helped clear my foggy head so that I can keep the numbers count straight. I finally printed them out so I’m going to try giving it a go soon. I am destined to complete it before the end of June. What’s on your needles?


One thought on “Hey June: Be nice

  1. Heather June 4, 2015 / 5:11 PM

    I’ve got so many projects in my needles. But not enough time to knit them. Worked most evenings this week. I need to stop that madness. I found your blog through the love your blog challenge. 😉

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