Dear Maddy: I LOVE U

Hi Knitting Friends,

Madelinetosh sock Coquette
Madelinetosh sock Coquette

I cannot hide my Madelinetosh obsession even if I tried. I was in my LYS near my job last weekend trying to be good. What do they say about ‘good intentions’ >> someone always finds trouble. I have an aversion to the color pink, but I promised my mom that she would have socks. I am aiming for Thanksgiving to be the due date >> so I hope to start soon or at least run through some patterns. Here are my top choices? What do factors do you consider before knitting socks?

(Left to Right) Cadence, My Cup of Tea, Gladys, and Wendel
(Left to Right) Cadence, My Cup of Tea, Gladys, and Wendel

My Cup of Tea socks by Robin Lynn / Cadence by Verybusymonkey

Wendel by General Hogbuffer / Gladys by The House of Hogbuffer


Hey June: Presents

Hello Knitting Friends,

I have been pretty busy…no knit busy, but life busy. I have attempted a couple of projects that haven’t panned out. It’s unsettling for me to get defeated on a project that seems so simple. I can chalk it up my inability to read charts. When it comes to fair isle, I’m golden– I know to change colors there isn’t a hard thing to follow. BUT when it comes to yarn overs, double decreases >> my mind just blanks. So on my third attempt to master Kate Davies’ Fantoosh shawl, I have politely set it aside.

(L to R) Magnolia Society June 2015 Jupiter colorway, Dragonflyfibers Traveller, SewFinicky project bag
(L to R) Magnolia Society June 2015 Jupiter colorway, Dragonfly Fibers Traveller, SewFinicky project bag

To celebrate my birthday, I ‘suspended’ my yarn diet to purchase some much needed or wanted yarns. I joined the Summer 2015 Yarn club hosted by Madelinetosh better known as the Magnolia Society. The benefit of this group is that you get to vote on the colorway that fits your subscription. Luckily the vote that I made won the majority of votes, but sadly I wasn’t to thrilled about it. I enjoy blue…but can’t envision the best project for it right now. Another thrill is that my Sister from another Mister gifted me a knit project bag @SewFinicky. I am in love with the fabric. It will definitely be holding my next knitting project. I am relieved that I am almost done with my 2nd sock and they fit this time around.

Shaking the 2nd sock syndrome
Petty Harbour: Shaking the 2nd sock syndrome

And to complete my birthday, I won yarn/pattern in a recent random drawing. I am in love with Dragonfly Fibers >> sorry Madelinetosh (a close second). I am very happy and excited. I plan on introducing the beautiful project soon. I need to finish these damn socks (lol) before I sink my knitted teeth into a new project. As June comes to a close, I have definitely out did myself. I have continued my workout routine. Ellipitical, treadmill, and yoga tapes for lunch. I have no specific goals yet, but I am managing to reduce my stress level.

Book Challenge Update #3

Hello Hello Hello Knitting friends,

Here is my favorite quote by a kick-ass author Tiffany Reisz whom I can’t wait to read her final book in the Original Sinners series coming October 2015.

#BossyTweetTiffany Reisz is my favorite intellectual erotica author. Give me someone who can write a story with fascinating characters with a plot that will hit you in the head. It’s not just sexy times….her books live you wanting more. Start at the beginning with The Saint .

Hey June: Dirty 34

Hi knitting friends,

mysistersknitterTwo weeks before my bday, I had a hairy idea to start working out again. I don’t have specific goals, I just want to feel better. So as of 8:30am I am feeling the burn at Soul Cycle DC riding into my mid-30s.


And on the knitting tip….I’m about to start something new…

Cycling shoes with clips

…Later on during mid-day:

So I made it through the intensive SoulCyle spinning class. I didn’t start getting scared until after the first song. The music was super loud so it definitely helped to drown out my doubt. I like the experience because I felt like it was not about competition. It was about where I was and the room was dark so I didn’t feel self-conscious about my body. About 25 minutes into the routine, I realized that I am not a multi-tasked dancer. I remembered to breath and thank goodness that my feet were clipped in. I survived it and I’ll probably go back soon. All and all I am proud to cross-off spinning on my goal list. #34 is about intentions. I am pledging to be more intentional with many areas of my life. I don’t dread getting older, but I am going to be more persistent and focused on getting this done. Having fun going through life is an intentional things that I want to do. Knit friends…what’s on your list? What’s that unattainable project or personal goal that has felt unreachable?

Hey June: 34 and counting

Hey knitting friends,

I am getting ready to celebrate #34 tomorrow. Let’s just say…turning 30 gave me hives, but #34 is no sweat. My new mantra is balance, breathe, release, repeat. I am struggling, but hanging on. I don’t think I will ever ‘master’ this living journey, but I am grateful for the supportive friends and family that have my back and are cheering for me. My knitted socks are still give me hell >> summertime = swollen feet. So back to the drawing board I go.

Revised heel & gusset w/ size 2 needlesA good knit friend told me to increase needle (size 2) for the gusset and heel portion. It looks better so I am going to take her advice. The cuff ribbing and foot portions will be knit with a size 1.

In early celebration for my birthday, I took advantage of the Metro Yarn Crawl and bought two lovely skeins of Periwinkle Sheep (i.e. Iryth & Cayenne). Also grabbed some stitch markers. I’ll probably head back this weekend to get some Quince & Co. at Looped Yarn Works.

Metro Yarn Crawl June 5-14, 2015
Metro Yarn Crawl June 5-14, 2015

Hey June: Be nice

My old phone
My old phone

Hey Knitting Friends,

May 2015 seemed to be the longest month. These past 31 days were filled with my family and friends celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday time. I managed to squeeze a short family trip to Atlanta for Memorial Day. I had such a lovely time. I made great progress with one sock, however I am still struggling with my current measurements. It looks like I will be making socks for someone else. I forgot my feet swell in the Summertime. Perhaps I should just make all winter socks with the measurement for my ‘winter-sized’ feet. On another note, I managed to finally get around to buying a new cell phone. fantoosh_2I don’t have anything knitwise to show other than I am working on a pair of socks for my mother (pending next post). So my WIP projects are piling up. I am still working on the Kate Davies Fantoosh Shawl. I am mathematically challenged, so this is my third attempt to make sure the rows and numbers are matching. Thank the heavens for Ravelry. A wonderful group member helped clear my foggy head so that I can keep the numbers count straight. I finally printed them out so I’m going to try giving it a go soon. I am destined to complete it before the end of June. What’s on your needles?