Birthdays come early…sometimes

Hey knitting friends,

Madtosh Society

I’ve been good for the most part on my yarn diet. Ask any competent knitter and they will agree that Madelinetosh yarn is so hard resist. I don’t feel bad at all. If anything I had to exercise restraint. For my birthday, I allowed myself one subscription this time around. The flexible payment was the motivating factor of why I joined. If you have never joined a yarn club, I highly encourage you to try it out. You meet so many great people doing it. Magnolia Society [Madelinetosh] has both Yard club and Sweater club. I am not a hard core sweater knitter so I think joining the yarn club might be a less intense experience for a novice yarn club participant. What yarn clubs have you enjoyed?

Colorway options:

  • Neon Junkie (bright)
  • Neo Hippie (modern earth tone colors)
  • Classic/Traditional (basic solid colors)
  • Neural Queen (colorless tones)

More subscription details here

Deadline is tomorrow, Friday May 8, 2015.


One thought on “Birthdays come early…sometimes

  1. Syd May 7, 2015 / 6:31 PM

    oo this looks awesome! it’s also my birthday month so I may gift myself!

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