Bloglust: Blogger Edition

Hi Knitting Friends,

One of my favorite things to do is to discover new and exciting bloggers. Blogs are a window to one’s experience and each blog has its own story to share. I enjoy reading about the lives of other people. I choose to use WordPress for my blog home and it has its conveniences. But, the down side is that I haven’t been able to uncover how I can link to within my reader feed. For the technology savvy people, can WordPress imbed Blogger content into its blog reader? Am I asking for too much?


The follow bloggers have caught my eye and I want to keep my readers informed:

Frontier DreamsI have been lurking on this blog for a couple of months. I enjoy the quality of pictures on the blog. Waldorf’s photography has impressed me, because I have a hard time incorporating stories from the pictures that I share. I can certainly take lessons from this blogger. I like how the theme of her blog matches each blog post.  I also found a community KAL that she is a part of.

Caffeine Girl I like the content of Caffeine Girl. She shares her knitting and beading projects. Her personality is great and the artistic flare is refreshing. She has a couple of sock patterns and books that she’s using. My radar is up when it comes to all things socks. In real life, our personalities would definitely mesh.

A Friend to Knit WithLeslie (blogger) is a triple threat crafter- sewing, knitting, designer. I enjoy watching crafters share their amazing talents all on one blog. Her photos are simple & straightforward. I like how she share small stories throughout her blog and they are not just solely for crafting.

What are some of your favorite blogs? What blogging platform do you enjoy better?


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