Blog Lust & Podcasts

Some of my favorite new discoveries come in the form of blogs. I have recently discovered knitting podcast. I prefer listening to podcasts as I work rather than music.
A Playful Day– Ravelry Group***
I completed my first successful blog challenge for 4 weeks. An accomplishment is an understatement. Kate at A Playful Day podcaster gave an excellent ‘sock science’ episode filled with juicy tidbits of sock yarn and brilliant designers. My Amazon/Ravelry carts are full.
I am blown away by this smart woman sharing her story about raising three children and one with special needs. I am humbled by her journey and resilience as she shares her experience with the world.
I have enjoyed listening to the last three podcast episodes. From the most recent yarn purchases and fabulous pattern choices. Her suggestions to the perfect yarn purchase will definitely keep me in trouble. It is never a dull moment with Hello Knitty.
I am a sucker for clean and smart websites. Ms. Clare has a nice and seamless (no pun intended…hahaha) web presence. I am drooling at her recent sock design called Skua. She is also a knit designer who’s design sense speaks to me deeply.
**Exhaustive list for Knitting Podcast (click link)
*** These groups have blog, podcast, and Ravelry Group

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