Love Your Blog : Gratitude

Hi Knitting friends,

This is a fabulous and final week of the Love Your Blog by Kate (A Playful Day). The theme this week is Gratitude. I will say that gratitude is a difficult attribute for me to experience and display. I tend to wear my emotions under my sleeves so this week I will try to intentionally experience/express gratitude. I have a running list…

  1. Thankful for my health and continued commitment to maintain a healthy regimen
  2. Volunteer my time — details to come
  3. Ravelry– thankful for the connections and people that I have met through the website
  4. Five minutes spent with a moment of silence and appreciating my life
  5. Finding an opportunity to express my gratitude to someone without expectations for reciprocated behavior
  6. Enjoying over 100+ participants of the Love Your Blog challenge
  7. Enjoying the process of making and completing a pair of socks that I am satisfied with.

Thanks Kate (A Playful Day) for this wonderful experience.


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