Love Your Blog: U G L Y [Part 1]

Hi Knitting friends,

This week’s Love Your Blog Challenge topic is U G L Y. Okay– so not many people get warm and fuzzes when we talk about ugliness.  In fact I have avoidance down to a science. I don’t normally initiate truth telling because the older I get the more I pray for grace. Grace that when I am not at my best that my friends and family will exercise patience and not take offense to my absence. The picture below of ‘House’ is related to UGLY photo that came up when I Googled the word ugly.

HouseTruthIn sticking with the topic of U G L Y. I wasn’t sure that I was spot-on with the definition of ugly relating to blogging. Google handed me a ton of commentary about the ‘ugly truth’ to blogging. Lots of people make a living as a blogger. Several challenges I discover while reading about the ugliness of blogging is that 1) bloggers become frustrated when they run out of ideas; 2) competing with limited time; 3) jealousy because of perceived popularity of others.

Although I have been blogging for two years, it has been within the last nine months that I have done so consistently. Have I experienced any ‘ugly issues’?  E X P E C T A T I O N S are the biggest pitfall when it comes to ugliness. I started blogging out of selfishness. I wanted a space to share my experience, but not necessarily to get something out of it. I am a natural loner, but a researcher at heart. I might have an unhealthy expectation when my stats don’t ping high daily, but I don’t allow that negative feelings to dictate how I treat people.

inspirational-quotesI started using my blog as a ‘dream space’. Knitting has been a comforter through a lot of my recent personal struggles that I have identified as failures. I like Kate’s idea that inspiration should be the driving force behind blogging. Inspiration is the key component that allows for a better journey when supporting or co-anchoring a podcast or blogging challenge. How do I turn a negative blogging experience into positivity?

  1. TAKE A DEEP BREATHE: I try not to take things personally. Whenever I see something that makes me upset, I just walk away.
  2. SELF-PRESERVATION: I’m all about #TeamGeGe. I choose places, people, blogs that keep me in a state of serenity. I don’t like discord and I don’t fool with people/situation that cause drama.
  3. STICK WITH WYK: ‘Sticking with what I know’ is a clear and driving force when I blog. My blog is a mix of discovery, self-help/instructional guides, and bloglust goodies.
  4. PARTICIPATE: This year I am making a conscious effort to try challenges such as the Love Your Blog, Goodreads Reading Challenge, KAL at local LYS, and re-instagram images for a chance to win freebees.

So friends…what are some driving forces behind your blogging? How do you combat negativity? What are some of the ugly barriers that keep you from blogging?


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