Conversations by Train

Hi Knitting friends,

One of the small benefits of commuting to work 2 hours daily is the opportunity to squeeze in some mindless knitting. I have continued my sock knitting journey by starting a new sock project. I purchased Tempting Ewe yarn initially to do sock knitting. It is the perfect texture of merino/nylon blend. I chose to knit Petty Harbour from KnittingSarah’s blog. It is a wonderful vanilla sock pattern that plays well with the color work of Graffiti that I am currently using.

Petty Harbour using Tempting Ewe
Petty Harbour using Tempting Ewe

On my way home this week, a lady watched me knitting and we started talking. She said that she always wanted to learn and that her grandmother tried to teach when she was younger but it didn’t pan out. I told her that I knit as a meditative act. It is soothing and it helps me focus on myself rather than the unease of doing nothing while riding transit. I was very glad to have a short conversation with an admiring stranger. She was amused by me describing the joy of knitting is more about the process and less about the end goal. I am not a selfish knitter and I enjoy gifting things to others. However, if these socks pan out— I might have to become stingy.

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Purchase car sticker on

2 thoughts on “Conversations by Train

  1. knittingsarah April 10, 2015 / 11:38 AM

    Oh! Definitely keep these beauties for yourself! I love wearing my handknits socks!

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