All About Baby

Hi Knitting Friends,

When I first started knitting, I had so many dreams and goals of what I wanted to make. Most of my friends were starting to have families. The first three years of my knitting journey, I made one baby blanket each year. I was very happy with the accomplishment. But after awhile, my interests waned. I get bored with the familiar and I sort of stopped making blankets because I couldn’t find a baby blanket pattern that I felt committed to. Here are some of my old ones…

Sunny Baby Blanket (pink & blue); Garter Rib Baby Blanket; Camilla Blanket;
Sunny Baby Blanket (pink & blue); Garter Rib Baby Blanket (dark blue); Camilla Blanket (yellow);

Queue the music– I have discovered several new patterns that I feel comfortable with trying. Here are my top 4 picks that are baby favored and in my opinion trumped the tradition baby blanket (exclude #4).

  1. Little Sister by Knithehellout (RavelryID)
  2. Stripey Duffle Coat by Tottopper (RavelryID)
  3. Lolly Pod by Laura Nelkin
  4. The Walt Painted Chevron Baby Blanket by KnitaGogo (RavelryID)

What’s in your new mommas’ go-to knits?



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