Toe-up Adventures

Toeup adventures: Riff from Knitty
Toeup adventures: Riff from Knitty

Hi Knitting Friends,

Welcome to my new adventure: toe-up socks. Recently, one of my advisers told me that real happiness lies outside of my comfort zone. Accept the emotions of challenges, but don’t hold on to them. Fear immobilizes movement. So I’ve decided to beat this challenging circumstance with a dose of knitting socks. In the past, I can admit that knitting hasn’t always given me comfort. I also realized that part of the dissatisfaction came from knitting something that did not bring me comfort.

My new adventures to combat my unhappiness is in the form of socks. How can I lean into the discomfort? J U S T. K N I T. S O C K S. It doesn’t make sense to me completely, but it sure as hell beats burrowing under the covers until Summer.

Yesterday I had my first lesson with my knit buddy SA. I like SA because she knows her stuff. I can joke with a straight face and she still gives me the bottom line. I think I enjoy tackling socks because there are infinite possibilities. I wanted to learn toe-up sock technique because of my big feet. I found a cool heel turn guide through Ravelry called Heels by Number. SA showed me how to work the figure-8 method on DPNs, a modified version of Judy’s Magic cast-on. My first obstacle occurred when I was trying to knit the first two rows of the cast-on. Two of my Karbontz DPN tips broke. It was definitely a manufacturing issue. I was very thankful SA was there to witness the craziness (see photo above, left hand photo). I chose to start the Riff pattern. I’m using Plucky Feet in gray.


I’m thankful for technology and instant chat via Facebook. I guess I have ‘a hard head’ because I lost 1.5 hrs of sock instruction. I spent one hour alone after my lesson and managed to screw it up. I have a lop-sided toe with a dominate increased side. I’m remaining hopeful and told SA that I would frog the sock and start over. I’m hoping that sock knitting is like riding a bike. What’s on your needles, friends?


2 thoughts on “Toe-up Adventures

  1. Midnight Knitter March 10, 2015 / 11:31 PM

    A pair of socks (top down!), a shawl that I’m unhappy with and a pair of fingerless mitts. I knit on the little projects when the shawl gets me down.

    Keep going on the socks. Once it all clicks you will discover that they are easy take-alongs and your feet will be so happy.

  2. Nicky March 17, 2015 / 6:55 AM

    I say don’t abandon socks but if the project is causing you distress, start something else that makes you happy, get some momentum going, then go back to the socks. I’m a strong advocate of not giving up but sometimes we need to step back for a little bit to get the best of the experience.

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