Book Challenge Update #2

I am slowly working my way through reading at least 50 books for 2015. I am using a couple of book list guides to be creative when reading. If you want the full list, head on over to the Pop Sugar page.
reading challenge
My Progress: 12/52
  • A mystery or thriller ☐ Kendra Elliot- Rogue River Novella (3 books)
  • A book by an author you haven’t read yet ☐ Tia Louise One to Hold (3)
  • A trilogy ☐ Nora Roberts- The MacKade Brothers (3 books)
  • A book with a color in the title ☐ Nora Roberts- Garden Trilogy (3 books)

I normally read a lot of non-fiction. This year I am trying to be more creative and read things that are outside of my comfort zone. I like Nora Roberts’ Garden trilogy. It had a great balance of suspense, romance, and ghost haunting. What are you reading?


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