Gauge: Weekday Roundup

This week I was so busy that my Thursday felt like a Friday. It also was one of the coldest days in Maryland. I’m thinking about buying me a new winter coat. I’m so glad I’m a knitter. I triple wrapped my Quince and Co cowl around my face this morning. (sorry no photo– too cold).

I wanted to see about making a new pair of socks out of sock yarn. But, my knitting buddy SA has insisted that I get gauge first (bummer). Before everyone gasps…. I HAVE NEVER MADE A GAUGE SWATCH. >> SAY WHAT?!?!? Yes ma’am and gents. Sooo the word on the knitting couch is that gauge is crucial for sock knitting. So… this afternoon as I wait to see the doctor, I will be crafting my first gauge swatch.

Weekly round-up: Yokes by Kate Davies; Brioche friends
Weekly round-up: Yokes by Kate Davies; Brioche friends

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekly knitting night at Cloverhill yarn shop. I’m sharing a knitting scrap photo of my new knit buddy M. finishing a brioche project. Knit buddy M is trying to convince me to take a plunge to brioche. I said no… I need to sink my teeth into knitting socks. My knitting buddy SA is helping me navigate toe-up socks.

What’s on your needles? What’s your favorite sock? Do you like cuff-down or toe-up?


One thought on “Gauge: Weekday Roundup

  1. AndreSue February 13, 2015 / 9:44 PM

    Yay! Socks! They are one of my favorite things to knit. These days I always go with toe-up that starts with Judy’s magic cast on. Can’t wait to see what yarn/pattern combo you go with. 🙂

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