Accepting Failure

Disclaimer: The following blogpost is saturated with sarcasm (especially the last sentence in the post).

Hi Knitting Friends, this post is not about knitting, but I felt like I wanted to share ‘other’ stuff. I often feel comfort after reading my blog feed. So, I want to share a story that I am walking through now. I apologize in advance to the length of this post and if I get off on a tangent *please overlook my southern wanderings*.

Six is a symbolic number in my life. I was born during the sixth month (June). Six is the number of years it took me to earn my bachelor’s degree. And six is also the number of years I have been working toward a career goal. I realized today that my career goal that I have been working towards is not going to happen in the conventional way that I thought. I don’t even know why I wasted so much time being angry about it. This week I realized that I will not be earning my Master’s degree. Six long.hard.years. What have I learned during this journey?

Accept Failure, but don’t hold on to it. Your passion should never be painful. After accepting failure, take responsibility for your part. And end with Gratitude.

Photo credit: Found on IG @larenztate
Photo credit: Found on IG @larenztate

Even though I feel lousy about this ordeal, I am going to have to have several difficult conversations with people. During these difficult conversations, I will have to admit that in some aspects of my life I have presented an ‘impostered-self’. The ‘impostered-self’ or a fake replica of a perfect person. *face-palm*

As someone who only cries once a year (at the sad State Farm commercial), I filled my quota this week. I’m writing the end of this chapter. I’m going back to the drafting board to draw a new picture (and knit that damn first sweater). I’m making changes, purging six years worth of data. During my recent crying session I heard a voice of reason say “accept failure”. Even though my heart is grieved over this failure, I realize that my soul isn’t crushed. My past behaviors of ‘feeling crushed’ often occurred after a failure. I take this as a life lesson. And I am officially an adult.


Gauge: Weekday Roundup

This week I was so busy that my Thursday felt like a Friday. It also was one of the coldest days in Maryland. I’m thinking about buying me a new winter coat. I’m so glad I’m a knitter. I triple wrapped my Quince and Co cowl around my face this morning. (sorry no photo– too cold).

I wanted to see about making a new pair of socks out of sock yarn. But, my knitting buddy SA has insisted that I get gauge first (bummer). Before everyone gasps…. I HAVE NEVER MADE A GAUGE SWATCH. >> SAY WHAT?!?!? Yes ma’am and gents. Sooo the word on the knitting couch is that gauge is crucial for sock knitting. So… this afternoon as I wait to see the doctor, I will be crafting my first gauge swatch.

Weekly round-up: Yokes by Kate Davies; Brioche friends
Weekly round-up: Yokes by Kate Davies; Brioche friends

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekly knitting night at Cloverhill yarn shop. I’m sharing a knitting scrap photo of my new knit buddy M. finishing a brioche project. Knit buddy M is trying to convince me to take a plunge to brioche. I said no… I need to sink my teeth into knitting socks. My knitting buddy SA is helping me navigate toe-up socks.

What’s on your needles? What’s your favorite sock? Do you like cuff-down or toe-up?

Football & Knitting

Malabrigo Rios 1/2 sock
Malabrigo Rios 1/2 sock

Hi Knitting Friends, there are three things that make me curse: Football, traffic, and knitting. I pride myself for my Southern manners, but these are a few exceptions. This week has been such a head turner. It’s been one of those weeks where you don’t know what day it is and wish there were 16 hours in one day to finish everything. I am just now catching my breath. I met a milestone this week by finishing my first pair of socks.

The NFL has always been a part of my family home life for as long as I can remember. Every Thanksgiving, our families sat around the television to watch the Cowboys play. Sundays dinners, football, and card games are things that I miss the most from home. Cloverhill Yarns Shop is my LYS that makes Sundays bearable. I spent last week focused on the socks. I was so excited because I was beginning to understand how to make socks. I got stuck on the ‘picking up stitches’ section of the sock, but I didn’t get discourage. I took the center-pull ball and started knitting the second sock.

Worsted weight: Suggest this for first socks
Worsted weight: Suggest this for first socks

My first sock was a simple top-down. It is not a pattern that a friend gave me.

Lessons Learned: This project was very wonderful. There were times that I got lost and needed to rip out several rows. I enjoyed using DPNs (size 6). I think I will really enjoy sock knitting because it is really quick. I will try toe-up soon. I joined an Facebook sock group called “Addicted to Sock Knitting”. This group has over 9000 people and they are very responsive.


Knit-Sock Whisper: I stumbled upon this sock designer’s blog while searching Ravelry for sock patterns. I HEART Susan B. Anderson. I found two important blogpost: (1) How to make socks and (2) formula for men’s socks. Susan B. Anderson shares so much wisdom with her readers. She shares photos of yarn and completed projects. I will definitely watch all her video tutorials about knitting techniques. I feel like a girl with a new toy.

What’s on your needles? What’s your favorite sock pattern?