Blog Lust Thursdays #2

HI Knitting Friends,

I am always super excited when I find something in my WP Reader Feed. In the spirit of celebrating blogging brilliance, I want to share some blog lust with my readers. I discover the neatest things from browsing Instagram and other blog commenters. As a child, I was very active in sports and I enjoyed reading mysteries. I find an appreciation for all the exploring my parents allowed for me to do as a child. It baffles me that as children grow into adulthood, there is a steady shifting to focus our energies on singular pursuits (in my opinion). There is a small point that I am trying to ‘flesh out‘– I like when I discover ‘triple-threat’ crafters. Triple-threat crafters are people who indulge in more than one artistic pursuit such as photography, foodie, sewing, crocheting, knitting, and writing (etc.). Here are some recent blog lusting brilliance:

YepIndeed— This esthetic blog is sweet and perfect. Gray, a librarian, foodie, and yogi instructor, shares wonderful insights about children’s literature, foods, social media, and yogi postures. I like her blog presence and I look forward to future posts.

Shutterbean— I discovered this blog from YepIndeed’s shoutout. Shutterbean’s blog has wicked recipes, photography, and a weekly Friday list to highlight a weekly roundup. I know she has invested a lot of time in her blog and I am now adding it to my feed. I’m motivated to try out her Blackberry, thyme-infused vodka and carrot soup.


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