Obsession: Blog Lust #1

Hey Knitting friends,

I just stopped by to share my lastest blog obsession. I recently discovered Pam Powers Knit. I found this blog while looking at some cute boot liners that she designed.

Brooklyn Boot Liners & Mitts on Ravelry
Brooklyn Boot Liners & Mitts on Ravelry

This is such a cute and wonderful pattern. It is also featured on Craftsy as a kit. Why am I so excited about this blog?!? She has a tutorial page where she shares wonderful instructions on how to knit using the 3-needle join, provisional cast-on, and short-rows. I am a visual learner and I found that the simple instructions and screen shots are very clean. I have a 50/50 preference for YouTube videos only because there are so many or I speed too much time weeding through poor quality videos.

What’s in your DIY technical knitting toolkit? Here are some of my favorites:

The Confessions of a Yarn Ho— before you get your feathers in a ruffle about the title: this is a fabulous blog. GG, a knitting blogger and photographer has wonderful humor and is always sharing her new discoveries. I also follow her on Instagram, her pictures give me life.

Dana Doddle Knits– I met Dana a couple of years ago before she moved from D.C. to NY. She is a fearless knitter who knits sweaters as fast as infinity cowls. I love that she knits socks for her husband and shares his critique of the quality of yarn.

Very Shannon– Shannon puts the Y in DIY. She is a ‘double-threat crafter’. Knitting and Sewing. One of her latest post she shares a tutorial for DIY coasters. I almost want to go try it too. Most of the hats that I knit are designed by Shannon. It warms my heart when I see knit wear styles that speak to me.


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