Knitting socks with headaches

Hey Knitting Friends,

How’s everyone doing? I am doing well as can be expected. I think I am experiencing anxiety caused by ’empty-nest knitting.’ It’s a similar phenomena that some parents feel when their children leave home. I feel anxious because I finished a project and now I tried two new projects, but nothing seems to give me knitting adrenaline. Hmm….this is totally a medical issue *sighs*.

First socks & cat Punky
First socks & cat Punky

I have made slow and steady progress on a sock using worsted yarn. I had to reschedule my knitting lesson because of the weather. I am thankful that Cloverhill Yarns shop (my LYS near home) is always available to offer help over the phone. I am happy that Thursday and Friday the shop is open so that I can Sit-n-Cry. I will say that I completely took advantage of help. Now I find myself at another dead-end with the sock. I wish I had another set of DPNs so that I can start on the other sock.

My last knitting confession is that I frogged the shawl that I started making for my aunt. I am still too frustrated with it. The 22+ page directions has caused me headaches. I wish I could just call the designer and get the quick 411 on the damn thing. I will swallow my pride and run back to the yarn shop this weekend. I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl, which has always been a holiday in my family. This year I will totally ignore it because I don’t like either team. The television will give great background noise. I will pause for Katy Perry’s Half-time show.


Blog Lust Thursdays #2

HI Knitting Friends,

I am always super excited when I find something in my WP Reader Feed. In the spirit of celebrating blogging brilliance, I want to share some blog lust with my readers. I discover the neatest things from browsing Instagram and other blog commenters. As a child, I was very active in sports and I enjoyed reading mysteries. I find an appreciation for all the exploring my parents allowed for me to do as a child. It baffles me that as children grow into adulthood, there is a steady shifting to focus our energies on singular pursuits (in my opinion). There is a small point that I am trying to ‘flesh out‘– I like when I discover ‘triple-threat’ crafters. Triple-threat crafters are people who indulge in more than one artistic pursuit such as photography, foodie, sewing, crocheting, knitting, and writing (etc.). Here are some recent blog lusting brilliance:

YepIndeed— This esthetic blog is sweet and perfect. Gray, a librarian, foodie, and yogi instructor, shares wonderful insights about children’s literature, foods, social media, and yogi postures. I like her blog presence and I look forward to future posts.

Shutterbean— I discovered this blog from YepIndeed’s shoutout. Shutterbean’s blog has wicked recipes, photography, and a weekly Friday list to highlight a weekly roundup. I know she has invested a lot of time in her blog and I am now adding it to my feed. I’m motivated to try out her Blackberry, thyme-infused vodka and carrot soup.

Today on my needles

Hi Knitting Friends,

I am happy to announce a new project that I am working on for my aunt. This will be the first knit project for her and I am really feeling comfortable doing lace work. Hopefully, I didn’t bite off more than I can chew. I love the color and feel of Berroco Folio. ‘Fiore di mare’ Shawlette by Tiziana Sammuri. I’m hoping for a long weekend because of the impending snow showers.

Fiore di mare using Berroco Folio green colorway
Fiore di mare using Berroco Folio green colorway

Book Challenge Staus update

In my quest to read more books this year, I found an easy suspense/mystery series. Melinda Leigh & Kendra Elliot are two of my favorite writers. The story line is about a police woman (Stevie) who moves back to her small town after her father’s death. Throughout the series, detectives uncover a new high profile drug that is very lethal. Stevie tries to uncover the mysterious death of her police chief father. There are several story lines in the book and it is a quick read. I’m on the third book right now.

Rogue River Novella - 4 book series
Rogue River Novella – 4 book series

How are you doing with your book challenge by Sugar Pop? I count this book as a trilogy or as a mystery/suspense. 3/52

Wordless Wednesday

Story behind the photo is that my LYS had Market Day this past weekend. Knitters could bring stash yarn and sale for store credit. I made $70 and then purchased two skeins of Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin and Lace Style book. An overall win.

Market Day Goodies 1-18-15
Market Day Goodies 1-18-15

Obsession: Blog Lust #1

Hey Knitting friends,

I just stopped by to share my lastest blog obsession. I recently discovered Pam Powers Knit. I found this blog while looking at some cute boot liners that she designed.

Brooklyn Boot Liners & Mitts on Ravelry
Brooklyn Boot Liners & Mitts on Ravelry

This is such a cute and wonderful pattern. It is also featured on Craftsy as a kit. Why am I so excited about this blog?!? She has a tutorial page where she shares wonderful instructions on how to knit using the 3-needle join, provisional cast-on, and short-rows. I am a visual learner and I found that the simple instructions and screen shots are very clean. I have a 50/50 preference for YouTube videos only because there are so many or I speed too much time weeding through poor quality videos.

What’s in your DIY technical knitting toolkit? Here are some of my favorites:

The Confessions of a Yarn Ho— before you get your feathers in a ruffle about the title: this is a fabulous blog. GG, a knitting blogger and photographer has wonderful humor and is always sharing her new discoveries. I also follow her on Instagram, her pictures give me life.

Dana Doddle Knits– I met Dana a couple of years ago before she moved from D.C. to NY. She is a fearless knitter who knits sweaters as fast as infinity cowls. I love that she knits socks for her husband and shares his critique of the quality of yarn.

Very Shannon– Shannon puts the Y in DIY. She is a ‘double-threat crafter’. Knitting and Sewing. One of her latest post she shares a tutorial for DIY coasters. I almost want to go try it too. Most of the hats that I knit are designed by Shannon. It warms my heart when I see knit wear styles that speak to me.

Modification Mondays

Hooray Knitting Friends:

Today I’m sharing my first completed object of 2015. It wasn’t on my list, but it was a quick knit that only took me 2 days to complete. This is my second time making this cowl. It doesn’t have a permanent home yet. Perhaps I will gift it as an act of kindness.

Canaletto Cowl by Megan Goodacre

Canaletto Cowl


  • 1st set of Banded Eyelet Pattern: completed 4 row repeat 6 times, plus rows 1-3 once.
  • 2nd set of Banded Eyelet Pattern: completed 4 row repeat 6 times, omitted rows 1-3.
  • 6 rows of seed stitch, then bind off.
  • This is a quick and simple project. Great for quick knitted gifts. Tanis Fiber Arts has lovely yarn.

What’s your favorite quick knit?