3 Holiday Gift Ideas

Hi Knitting Friends,

In the spirit of giving, I mainly knit to gift others. The act of knitting gives me satisfaction and giving away the finished project is precious to me. I decided this year to make a conscious effort to knit several things to give away. I also felt that I should at least spoil myself with finding a couple of knit related gifts for myself. Here are some ideas that I thought I could share– both to remind myself of things I’ve wished for and to set a limit for my personal knit gifts.

1.   Blog Love (Free)– Tricksy Knitter

This blog I stumbled on today as I was looking at Fair Isle motivations. Tricksy Knitter, a website that helps you create fair isle motifs called knitting chartmaker. Perhaps I’m late to the ball, but I didn’t know that this existed. Thanks Pinterest. Tricksy Knitter has a win-win website presence with free and for-sale knit patterns. I am super thrilled to have found this.

2.   Book Obsession– Yokes By Kate Davies

I am soooo obsessed with Kate Davies Designs. I love social media because it connects you to a knit designers/crafters. I have her as one of my Instagram friends and I am always looking on Ravelry to see that latest color choices that knitters select to make KD designs. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about her newest book, Yokes a zillion times. And it is a potential present for myself. I love the style and color choices that Kate Davies makes. Next year on my bucket list, I want to make a fair isle yoked cardigan Cockatoo Brae . I am soo sure that one of the knitted goods will be a new addition to my wardrobe next year — for sure.

Buchanan and Foxglove designed by Kate Davies
Buchanan and Foxglove designed by Kate Davies

3.   Yarn of Course

I have a lot of yarns that I enjoy working with. In 2013, I was in love with Madelinetosh Yarns. I love me some merino. And of course this year was Quince and Co. Can you believe I found more than ‘6 skeins’ of Chickadee laying in my stash. My brain is on overdrive trying to figure out what I will use it for. I am proud to say that I have touched most of my skeins in my stash this year since I moved.

Quince & Co. (Finch, Chickadee, and Osprey)
Quince & Co. (Finch, Chickadee, and Osprey)

Turtlepurl Yarns

YES YES & YES… What better way to indulge in yarn than with self-striping sock yarn. I am itching to sink my heels into some of this fabulous color ways.

Photo Credit: 88stitchesyarnshop Instagram
Photo Credit: 88stitchesyarnshop Instagram

Tanis Fiber Arts

YES YES & YES…I feel in love with Tanis’ rich palette. The following photos are from Tanis’ Instagram account. This is all the motivation that I need to learn how to make socks.

Photo Credit: Tanis Fiber Arts
Photo Credit: Tanis Fiber Arts
Photo credit: Tanis Fiber Arts
Photo credit: Tanis Fiber Arts

So, Knitting Friends, what’s on your Wish list?


One thought on “3 Holiday Gift Ideas

  1. GGmadeit December 3, 2014 / 11:15 AM

    You saw my list and yes I love yours. You just reminded me I need to look at my pictures because there was a book in PurlSoho that I wanted. Let me find it so my daughter is aware *evil giggle*

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