Onward to 2015

Well I don’t believe in resolutions because my past history indicates that resolutions that I set never stay. I prefer to call resolutions goals. It’s a set closer in saying that I will consciously make an effort to get something done. I am proud that I at least made some changes and had new experiences in 2014. So here are my goals that I want to set for 2015. Some are short term and others are long term.

Cardinal rule from Emily McDowell
Cardinal rule from Emily McDowell

             Goals for 2015

  1. Read 52 Books— I am probably going to try using Goodreads and LibraryThing as guides. Any other suggestions are helpful knitters. I got a Kindle for Christmas so reading will be much easier with my daily commute to work.
  2. Take the Yoga 30 Day Challenge— a colleague of mine showed me this interesting Yoga Challenge. Also last night on the radio I heard that practicing yoga contributes to lower heart disease and normalizing blood pressure.
  3. Knitting— I will continue with the 12in2015 Knitting Challenge to complete at least 12 projects. My focus will be completing 3 WIP from 2012-2014. My new knitting hopes are to make at least 2 pairs of socks and a cabling project. I think it’s time to stretch my knitting skills to include handmade socks. Cables are said to be rewarding. I’m all about learning new knitting skills. There is never such a thing as too many cables.

    Westering Home by Kate Davies
    Westering Home by Kate Davies
  4. Expand music choices— I think the older I get, the more relaxed and settled in my preferences. In some things this is okay, but using Spotify (a music streaming program) has helped introduce me to other musical genres. I’ve recently discovered Ed Sherran who reminds me of Tracy Chapman. I am trying to get more comfortable with Jazz and Blue in 2015.
  5. Genealogy— I want to continue my genealogy research for relatives on my paternal side. I am not close to my father’s family, but hope to re-connect to a couple of people. I want to get pictures of my grandmother whom I share a namesake with. I’ve had fun getting to know relatives from my mother’s family. I have a cousin who is a genealogy expert.
  6. Attend a National Library Conference— I am trying my best to save monies to go to the National Conference for African American Librarians. I had a wonderful time in 2013 and met so many wonderful librarians.

Knitting buddies, what’s on your list???


Highlights from 2014

2014 has reminded me to count my blessings and overall has been a good year. I think setting goals are helpful. It is a good challenge and motivator if you are seeking change.

Goals for 2014

  1. Have fun
  2. Attend one national library conference
  3. Knit a sweater and 2 pairs of socks
  4. Read 5 books
  5. Blog consistently 5 times per month
  6. Workout 3 times a week (yoga; running)

2014 Outcomes

  1. Have fun (check)
  2. I went to a local conference and met a knitter
  3. Knit a sweater and 2 pairs of socks no such luck
  4. I have read over 50 books (suspense, murder mysteries)
  5. After a 6 month break…I started back blogging at least twice a month
  6. Workout 3 times a week does thinking about it count?

4 out of 6 is a good rating. I think will say that I exceeded my knitting goals by knitting seven items and most of these were within the last three months of 2014. I started taking advantage of my public libraries’ e-book offerings. I commute 2 hours a day by train/car for work. I didn’t get around to knitting a sweater or socks, but I have bought lots of sock yarn. I hope to take some individual classes next year to help with learning how to make socks. I enjoyed improving my knitting skills and look forward to doing some fun stuff in 2015. How has everyone done in their knitting goals for 2014? I’m thinking about 2015 knitting goals, but no pressure. Enjoy the holidays knitting buddies.

found from Google - dreamstime.com
found from Google – dreamstime.com

Last Minute Knitting

Hi Knitting buddies,

I will confess that this year has been a more enjoyable holiday. Perhaps because I feel happier, I feel like my ‘real life’ is becoming more easier. Oh shall I say, “I’m learning not to sweat the small stuff”. It has taken me some time to not fret about my future. I tend to see the glass half-empty. I guess as the youngest child, my curious mind is always running.

Here’s a project that I finished from my knitting profolio, Dreiecke by Shannon Cook. This was a simple knit. And for some reason I managed to lose my place from the last time I stopped. I accidentally created two repeats to the body so now the hat has a slouchy factor. One that I can appreciate. I feel relieved that I was able to complete almost all the projects that I purchased during the Indie Design Gift-a-long.

Using Manos del Uruguay Rittenhouse
Using Manos del Uruguay Rittenhouse

My next completed project from the Indie Design Gift-a-long is the Snow Ghost hat by Aimee Alexander.

This is a gift to my cousin for her 40th birthday. I feel like I am hitting my groove. My last five projects have been hats (most involving color work). So now I am looking towards new knitting goals for 2015.

Quince & Co Lark (Sorbet and Frost)
Quince & Co Lark (Sorbet and Frost)

So friends, what’s on your needles?

December Instagram Photo Challenge

Hi Knitting Friends,

I always try my best to excel at things that I work on knitwise. However, photographing yarn/projects isn’t one of my specialties. In the spirit of the holidays, I decided to jump into the ‘deep end’ to capture as many knit worthy photos based on #Knittingannie’s Instagram December Knitting photo challenge:

#Knittingannie Instagram Rules For Decemeber Photo Challenge:

I’m hosting a #knitting photo challenge this month!!! Winner will be chosen January 1st and will receive a prize with #yarn from @rijelviolet of Black Market Wool, spinning fiber from me and stitch markers I’ve made!!! To play along, repost this photo and tag each of your photos #knittinganniephotochallenge. Have fun and happy knitting!!! ❄⛄❄ #knit #knitter #photochallenge #wip #wool #fiberarts

Photo Credit: Instagram #Knittingannie
Photo Credit: Instagram #Knittingannie

3 Holiday Gift Ideas

Hi Knitting Friends,

In the spirit of giving, I mainly knit to gift others. The act of knitting gives me satisfaction and giving away the finished project is precious to me. I decided this year to make a conscious effort to knit several things to give away. I also felt that I should at least spoil myself with finding a couple of knit related gifts for myself. Here are some ideas that I thought I could share– both to remind myself of things I’ve wished for and to set a limit for my personal knit gifts.

1.   Blog Love (Free)– Tricksy Knitter

This blog I stumbled on today as I was looking at Fair Isle motivations. Tricksy Knitter, a website that helps you create fair isle motifs called knitting chartmaker. Perhaps I’m late to the ball, but I didn’t know that this existed. Thanks Pinterest. Tricksy Knitter has a win-win website presence with free and for-sale knit patterns. I am super thrilled to have found this.

2.   Book Obsession– Yokes By Kate Davies

I am soooo obsessed with Kate Davies Designs. I love social media because it connects you to a knit designers/crafters. I have her as one of my Instagram friends and I am always looking on Ravelry to see that latest color choices that knitters select to make KD designs. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about her newest book, Yokes a zillion times. And it is a potential present for myself. I love the style and color choices that Kate Davies makes. Next year on my bucket list, I want to make a fair isle yoked cardigan Cockatoo Brae . I am soo sure that one of the knitted goods will be a new addition to my wardrobe next year — for sure.

Buchanan and Foxglove designed by Kate Davies
Buchanan and Foxglove designed by Kate Davies

3.   Yarn of Course

I have a lot of yarns that I enjoy working with. In 2013, I was in love with Madelinetosh Yarns. I love me some merino. And of course this year was Quince and Co. Can you believe I found more than ‘6 skeins’ of Chickadee laying in my stash. My brain is on overdrive trying to figure out what I will use it for. I am proud to say that I have touched most of my skeins in my stash this year since I moved.

Quince & Co. (Finch, Chickadee, and Osprey)
Quince & Co. (Finch, Chickadee, and Osprey)

Turtlepurl Yarns

YES YES & YES… What better way to indulge in yarn than with self-striping sock yarn. I am itching to sink my heels into some of this fabulous color ways.

Photo Credit: 88stitchesyarnshop Instagram
Photo Credit: 88stitchesyarnshop Instagram

Tanis Fiber Arts

YES YES & YES…I feel in love with Tanis’ rich palette. The following photos are from Tanis’ Instagram account. This is all the motivation that I need to learn how to make socks.

Photo Credit: Tanis Fiber Arts
Photo Credit: Tanis Fiber Arts
Photo credit: Tanis Fiber Arts
Photo credit: Tanis Fiber Arts

So, Knitting Friends, what’s on your Wish list?