Gift-A-Long: Part 1

Hi Knitting Friends,

I am so happy that Ravelry exist. While looking at patterns for my family and friends, I stumbled upon a knitting blog called Dull Roar. Knit designer Alex Tinsley surprised me with her fabulous knit patterns. Also I would have never knew about the Gift-A-Long. As a knitter I try to do my diligence and share cool stuff to my knitting buddies. The details about the Gift-A-Long are listed by clicking on the Gift-A-Long icon below. The highlights about this cool Gift-A-Long is that over 300 designers have offered a small percentage off on specific patterns and in turn as you knit these knitted goodies you share your FO so that everyone can *drool* see the end produce.

Details of the Indie Gift-Along

The Ravelry Gift-Along begins Thursday, November 13th at 8 pm (US-EST) and runs through Wednesday December 31st at midnight (US-EST).  If you use the coupon code giftalong2014 between Thursday November 13th 8pm (US-EST) and Friday November 21 at 11:59 pm (US-EST), you’ll receive 25% off any of the patterns in this bundle!!

GAL14_logo-400If you click the icon above you will connect to the Gift-A-Long Forum and see more information about patterns, types of knit goods, descriptions of prizes. I love the fact that Ravelry becomes the gift that keeps on giving. I enjoy knitting and most times my knit items end up with a friend.

Below is some items that I am considering…

Group 1


Potential Designers

White Shawl Swan by Toby Barna

Holden By Mindy Wilkes

Beeswax Cowl By Amy van de Laar

Leafy Greens By Shannon Squire

What are you looking at knitting?


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