LYS Confessions

Good afternoon lovely knit friends,

I have been keeping a secret. One of my readers asked me about my local yarn shop (LYS). I felt sort of funny naming the store because I like my anonymity, but the more I visit my LYS the more comfortable I have become. I admit that I consider two stores as my LYS.

Looped Yarn Works, Washington, D.C.- this location is closest to my job. I considered this my first home aka LYS. because the employees are very welcoming and friendly. I can always count on getting some help or suggestions on yarns or pattern styles that I would like to try. Their shop is small, cozy, and surprisingly accommodates large crowds. Thursday nights are always lively. I always feel welcomed and always meet interesting people.

Cloverhill Yarn Shop, Catonsville, MD- this location is closest to my home. I considered this my second home because I live 20 minutes away. I enjoy the knitting environment. I have met so many people here. The owners are very welcoming. I feel like I am a part of a community when I come into the shop. They always have a big crowd for knit nights. They have a delicious yarn line called Tempting Ewe Yarns Inc.

So… my secret’s out. I support stores that feed my habit (i.e. lovely yarn and interesting people). Both places have so many great things and I can’t think of anything negative to say. I am a loyal supportive of small businesses. I can always count on getting the best advice for knitting techniques and finding the best masseuse or car repairer. I feel so relieve now that my secret is out 🙂

Undergrowth pattern using Malabrigo

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