Knitting and Constipation

Hello Knit Buddies,

I had a busy week, but I made sure to fit in some serious knitting time. Since I jumped back on the knitting hub, my motivation has increased. I am now working on two large projects that include color work and learning new stitches. I went to my LYS for the weekly SnB and I was definitely Bitchin’ I have been working on Brown-Eyed Susan for over a year. I initially chose the pattern based on using Neighborhood Fibers (local yarn). I promise the owners of the LYS thought I was on the crazy train. ALERT– I was grateful for the hands on help from both owners. I equate my experience of learning t2l (twist 2 stitches left) as being more cumbersome than having constipation. As an old saying goes ‘Perhaps your pain might be excruciating to one, but may seem painless to another’.

I  am so major about my experience that I had my knitting neighbor film the stitches on my phone. Unfortunately, I uploaded my iPhone pictures to my laptop and erased the film. So now it lives in my iPhone program. I selected the option to share (i.e. email) and realized that iPhone does not share video. I’m happy at the film. Here’s hoping for some muscle memory and no reliance on constipation.

Brown-Eyed Susan-- yarn: Neighborhood Fibers Co.
Brown-Eyed Susan– yarn: Neighborhood Fibers Co.





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