LYS Confessions

Good afternoon lovely knit friends,

I have been keeping a secret. One of my readers asked me about my local yarn shop (LYS). I felt sort of funny naming the store because I like my anonymity, but the more I visit my LYS the more comfortable I have become. I admit that I consider two stores as my LYS.

Looped Yarn Works, Washington, D.C.- this location is closest to my job. I considered this my first home aka LYS. because the employees are very welcoming and friendly. I can always count on getting some help or suggestions on yarns or pattern styles that I would like to try. Their shop is small, cozy, and surprisingly accommodates large crowds. Thursday nights are always lively. I always feel welcomed and always meet interesting people.

Cloverhill Yarn Shop, Catonsville, MD- this location is closest to my home. I considered this my second home because I live 20 minutes away. I enjoy the knitting environment. I have met so many people here. The owners are very welcoming. I feel like I am a part of a community when I come into the shop. They always have a big crowd for knit nights. They have a delicious yarn line called Tempting Ewe Yarns Inc.

So… my secret’s out. I support stores that feed my habit (i.e. lovely yarn and interesting people). Both places have so many great things and I can’t think of anything negative to say. I am a loyal supportive of small businesses. I can always count on getting the best advice for knitting techniques and finding the best masseuse or car repairer. I feel so relieve now that my secret is out 🙂

Undergrowth pattern using Malabrigo

Knitting with the Silver Linings

Hello again,

Even though my blog hasn’t had a lot of action, it’s not because I lack things to talk about. Recently I realized that there are different types of knitters. The knitter who is plagued by ‘Startisis’ (compulsively starting projects, but rarely finishing). The knitter who completes one project at a time (i.e. rare individuals). Or the knitter who compulsively reads knit literature, modifies projects, and updates their blog several times a month. HAHAHAHA– I’m just kidding, I have only described and experienced traits of the ‘startisis’  and ‘monogamous’ knitter. Well…I thought my humor comes across well in my writing *shrugs shoulders*.

Now for the ‘traumatic portion’ of my knitting experience. I have been working on a yarn project called the Brown-Eyed Susan by Juju Vail and Susan Cropper. It has taken me one year to complete it. It is a two color shawl, but has a lace ruffle. I have asked several knitting friends and wrote online in the Project Forum requesting someone to provide clear explanations for this knitted project. The knit project has caused me to curse profusely (which only happens while watching football). Last weekend I went to my LYS and I was so out of sorts that one knitter told me that I could modify the pattern and use a quick yarn-over/knit border. I’ve tried to talk myself into doing it this way, but I feel too much guilt. The lace boarder was the only thing that enticed me to start the project in the first place.

I want to share a ‘silver lining’ experience. During my recent move (i.e. ahhmmm eight months ago), I managed to arrange my yarn stash and books in my office. The office room is normally closed because one of my furbabies gets too frisky when left unattended. I am almost finish with a Quince & Co. pattern, but I needed to use the third skein of yarn I purchased weeks ago. I had a momentary lapse of memory. I forgot where I put the third skein. Luckily, I went back into the office and found it sitting on top of the book shelf. I am soooo relieved. I can’t wait until this project gets done so that I can submit it to the 12in2014 Ravelry group. I won a prize for my project last month. I never thought I was one for being motivated by prizes, but surprisingly when it comes to knitting– I can be persuaded. So the ‘silver lining’ for me is that not only have I saved money by recovering a skein– I also get a chance to start planning to make socks.

Knitting and Constipation

Hello Knit Buddies,

I had a busy week, but I made sure to fit in some serious knitting time. Since I jumped back on the knitting hub, my motivation has increased. I am now working on two large projects that include color work and learning new stitches. I went to my LYS for the weekly SnB and I was definitely Bitchin’ I have been working on Brown-Eyed Susan for over a year. I initially chose the pattern based on using Neighborhood Fibers (local yarn). I promise the owners of the LYS thought I was on the crazy train. ALERT– I was grateful for the hands on help from both owners. I equate my experience of learning t2l (twist 2 stitches left) as being more cumbersome than having constipation. As an old saying goes ‘Perhaps your pain might be excruciating to one, but may seem painless to another’.

I  am so major about my experience that I had my knitting neighbor film the stitches on my phone. Unfortunately, I uploaded my iPhone pictures to my laptop and erased the film. So now it lives in my iPhone program. I selected the option to share (i.e. email) and realized that iPhone does not share video. I’m happy at the film. Here’s hoping for some muscle memory and no reliance on constipation.

Brown-Eyed Susan-- yarn: Neighborhood Fibers Co.
Brown-Eyed Susan– yarn: Neighborhood Fibers Co.




Hello Again — Good news

Hello dear knitting buddies,

It seems that life has taken such a challenging turn for the past six months. It has been six months since I’ve knitted anything. Most of it had to do with anxiety and lack of motivation. I realized that knitting for me was a way to alleviate stress. I realize that everyone goes through challenging patches every now and again. I’m just lucky that I have a supportive network of friends and a healthy hobby– knitting. My first project that I chose, Bee Leaf, Half Pi Shawl won a knit pattern prize from the 12 and 2014 Ravelry group. Each month knitters/crocheters submit completed projects and users can like projects of their choice. I feel so honored to be chosen.

BeePieShawl_1 BeePieShawl_2