LYS Weekend

I had a great weekend. I ended up at my LYS for a few hours. I am working on my Nikoline socks and I got lots of compliments for the progress that I am making. One lady was surprised that I am working on new socks and with color work. I told her that I already knew how to do color work and that I prefer challenges while knitting. I didn’t want to make lace socks because I am not that confident in my abilities to keep up with the increase and decreases.


On a lighter note, a cool thing happened to me earlier last week. I like to buy a magazine, but I wasn’t in love enough with the newest Knitscene Accessories. I found only two patterns that I was interested in. I finally broke down and bought the magazine because I bought the yarn for one pattern. But through my move to the new place I was unable to locate where I put the magazine. On last Thursday I got an email for magazines on sell in Interweave and I took a chance that they would actually include the Knitscene that I needed. $2.99 for the digital copy of the magazine was the best thing I have purchased. Now I have a project that can distract me while knitting socks.


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