Unkept Promises

Hello Knitting Buddies,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written here. I promised myself last year that I would keep up with this blog, but life kept me busy. I’ve applied to several jobs and conference scholarships with no avail. Moving, re-creating my commute to work, and exercising three times a week have changed how I feel (in a good way). I’m trying to keep my head from spinning. I completed my cousin’s toddler blanket which I have yet to block. I have also moved early this month to a fabulous place. This place has gotten me so happy. Every time I come home from work, I’m so excited and smiling to get home. This new place has strong, positive energy. One good thing is that the move forced me to do is organize my stash. Let’s just say that I need no more yarn. Most of my yarn is finger weigh– probably because i want to knit a spring cardigan, but I am so scared to make a mistake. I know buddies you would say just take a chance. The worst thing that could happen is making mistakes. This is what my LYS is for to help me when I get lost.

ImageMy next venture is making socks. I bought this wonderful sock yarn from my LYS. Wandering Wool is a fabulous yarn and the dyer works at my LYS near work. Blue Gentian is a beautiful blue color and has a blend of merino, cashmere, and nylon. The skein is 400yards. I hope that I can make Nikoline socks to fit me. A knitting buddy wants to knit the socks together so we have an unofficial KAL. In past four years, I’ve said that I wanted to make socks and have never done any. I looking forward to the challenge.

Photo Credit (pic #1) by Fierybug08 ~ Photo and Design Credit by Dianna Walla (pic #2)



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