Cheesy Fever

Dear Knitting Buddies,

Things have been so crazy lately and I haven’t exactly been knitting. Things are slow around the office so I can say that I am glad there are only 3 staff members here the day after Christmas. I think I might of outdone myself with my macaroni and cheese. In my opinion, if the mac and cheese is not slamming then no other dish will be either. I am so happy it came out so great unlike my false attempt to make crock pot greens. So there is always New Years Day. Perhaps then I can attempt to make so more. It’s difficult for me to make the greens in a crock pot and it should be easy as pie. I have a wonderful Christmas with my Sweetie. Bless her heart she was tired. But we survived. Dinner was good– too bad I was so hungry I didn’t take a picture. Shame on me. Here’s a glimpse of the mac and cheese that satisfied my cheese obsession.

Macaroni and Cheese Southern Style


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