Knitting Hiatus: New Glasses

Hello Fellow Knitters,

I am trying to meditate today, but I had so many moments of being distracted. I had the television on mute, streaming Scandal on ABC. I’m excited to know that Scandal is back on. Kerry Washington and crew are doing great.

Back to the real issue. My new glasses are progressives (i.e. trifocals). My eyes are still getting used to the glasses so knitting will be on a hiatus. The exception to this rule is that I can knit on 10.5 needles and I have thrown myself into making another baby blanket. This really doesn’t make me feel special. If anything it seems so comical– A librarian wear glasses, drinking coffee, and sporting a cardigan sweater. I say this half-halfheartedly as this is sort of how the clothes look. I try to break out the box with wearing funky socks and wearing colors that are not all black. I am a firm believer in the Psychology of Color. Of course I didn’t Google this concept, but I think it means that certain colors can change someone’s mood. My favorite go to colors are yellow, blue (as the sky), purple. I will never get over my disdain for the color pink. Tying the word pink makes me nauseous.

Creating a money jar is something that I would like to do to save change and the occasional $5 throughout the year would be great.



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