Well I feel confident that I am starting to gain an audience. I stumbled upon a fellow Ravelry knitter’s blog and discovered a semi-cure for my knitting blues. It’s called WIP KAL/CAL. The object is to work on projects that have been in the ‘work-in-progress’. I don’t know why this makes me so happy. Perhaps it’s because I like to get stuff done.  Come on and join me. This is my first KAL – I like some friendly competition to at least get 2 things finished from my WIP. Cheers


It is official. We will be knitting or crocheting along, as a way to help each other whittle away on some of  the many projects we have on the needles. You can have only one if you like. It is a no pressure, no stress KAL/CAL. Join if you like or just be an cheerleader, it’s our world and we can do what we like.

A group has been started on Ravelry. Here are some of the basic rules:

The KAL/CAL will run from July 20th through September 30th.

As an added incentive there will be prizes!


  • Projects need to be started by 08/01/2013 and cannot have been completed before this group opened on 07/20/2013
  • Finish as many as you like.
  • Each finished project will earn you
    one entry into the prize drawing.
  • All projects must be tagged: getitdone2013
  • Must be a member of group to be eligible for prizes
  • Must play nice.

Did I mention prizes? Well you lovely people, I went shopping through my obese stash, and other places and here is what we have so far. Of course the amount of prizes may increase depending on my mood or stash enhancements.


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