Knit & Chez Mashup

This weekend was a bust when it came to my attempt to start the WIP KAL/CAL marathon. I went  to visit a dear knitting buddy and I swear Jared Flood’s Autumn Leave Stole project has been my Achilles’ heel. Not two, three, but FOUR times I have ripped this project out

1st attempt (Left); 4th attempt frogged (right)
1st attempt (Left); 4th attempt frogged (right)

In addition to the headache, my first attempt convinced me that I was doing this completely wrong. You can see that the pattern is off by several stitches. I realized that I was doing the SSK wrong. Man…all this time I thought I was doing it right. I got hung up on the 10 stitch repeat.

In other news…my latest food adventure paid off. I love cheese….yeah yeah… So I whipped up some oven baked spaghetti. This is definitely something that I will do again. Too bad none of my friends live closer because I had a lot to share.

ricotta, mozzarella blend cheeses
ricotta, mozzarella blend cheeses

I found an ‘oven-baked spaghetti’ recipe online and modified it to include:

1 lb ground turkey

1 pack of Lipton onion mix

1 green bell pepper

16 ounce ricotta cheese

1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese

2 cups of Kraft monzarella cheese blend (Romano, Asiago, Monzarella, Parmesan)

24 ounce Bertolli spaghetti sauce (tomato & basil)

2 eggs

16 ounce spaghetti noodles (cooked)


  1. Boil spaghetti noodles
  2. In one mixing bowl, scramble 2 eggs with 1 cup of mozzarella blended cheese
  3. Saute bell pepper and onions until translucent, cook ground turkey and then add bell pepper, onions, and spaghetti sauce
  4. Drain spaghetti noodles, add to cheese/egg mixture. Coat noodles completely.
  5. Layer (2 quart casserole dish)- start with adding half noodles, add half of ricotta cheese; add meat mixture. Add 2nd half of noodles and top with ricotta.
  6. Baked covered at 350 degrees for 40 mins. Uncover add shredded cheddar cheese for 30 mins. or until browned as desired.
  7. Let stand for 10 minutes to cool. Slice to serve.


I was so excited to have found the WIP KAL/CAL group, but I forgot to share my works in progress (WIP) / unfinished objects (UFO) list.

I conjured up a lovely smashup of photos from my Ravelry page.

upper: (multicolor Netty; Holden Shawl)lower: (Autumn leaves; Stockholm Scarf; Brown-eyed Susan)
upper: (multicolor Netty; Holden Shawl)
lower: (Autumn leaves; Stockholm Scarf; Brown-eyed Susan)

I have been very good at not having too many things on the needles. One bad habit that I need to break is to write better knitting notes on modifications. 2 out of the 5 projects have not been worked on in at least 6 months. *cringes* Well here’s hoping that all goes well. Wish me luck knitting friends.

1. Multicolored Netty (grafting needed; extra blocking)

2. Holden Shawlette

3. Autumn Leaves

4. Stockholm Scarf

5. Brown-eyed Susan

6. ** Camilla Babe

7. ** Robin Shrug 

I have started and frogged both projects. These will be my knitting relief if the other 5 start wearing my nerves


Well I feel confident that I am starting to gain an audience. I stumbled upon a fellow Ravelry knitter’s blog and discovered a semi-cure for my knitting blues. It’s called WIP KAL/CAL. The object is to work on projects that have been in the ‘work-in-progress’. I don’t know why this makes me so happy. Perhaps it’s because I like to get stuff done.  Come on and join me. This is my first KAL – I like some friendly competition to at least get 2 things finished from my WIP. Cheers


It is official. We will be knitting or crocheting along, as a way to help each other whittle away on some of  the many projects we have on the needles. You can have only one if you like. It is a no pressure, no stress KAL/CAL. Join if you like or just be an cheerleader, it’s our world and we can do what we like.

A group has been started on Ravelry. Here are some of the basic rules:

The KAL/CAL will run from July 20th through September 30th.

As an added incentive there will be prizes!


  • Projects need to be started by 08/01/2013 and cannot have been completed before this group opened on 07/20/2013
  • Finish as many as you like.
  • Each finished project will earn you
    one entry into the prize drawing.
  • All projects must be tagged: getitdone2013
  • Must be a member of group to be eligible for prizes
  • Must play nice.

Did I mention prizes? Well you lovely people, I went shopping through my obese stash, and other places and here is what we have so far. Of course the amount of prizes may increase depending on my mood or stash enhancements.

Knitting Blues

Remember that feeling of excitement as a kid discovering a new secret or waiting for a special treat? Knitting gives me that giddiness. The way my lips curl, short grunts, or curse words of aggravation. These are all the things that make me feel so childlike. I get so excited when I am almost finished with a project. I have finally mastered the puzzling pattern- trusted my intuition and learned a new knit stitch.

Camilla blanket by Carrie Bostick Hoge made in Honey Osprey Quince & Co.
Camilla blanket by Carrie Bostick Hoge made in Honey Osprey Quince & Co.

My natural high lasts for about a week until I slowly find myself shimmering down to gloominess. For the last three days, I’ve felt gloomy because I am without a new project. I started Robin Shrug by Pam Allen. I don’t know if I am doing it right as each row I end the edge looks messy. I have the knitting blues….should I restart the shrug or try making the new matching baby sweater for my friend’s blanket to bring back the knitting mojo?

Madelinetosh Obsession

Have you ever picked up yarn that felt like scrunchy heaven and made you whisper cooing delight. Oh Madelinetosh… you are that yarn. The delightful colorways, smooth undertones, and knitwear sustainability. The last six months, I have enjoyed a yarn affair with two subscriptions to the Magnolia Society Yarn club. At first glance I was seduced by the colorways, but it goes beyond the eyes. The smoothness and gentle glide of the yarn along my needles makes the guilty feelings melt away. I do not like chocolate [it’s okay, I’ve embraced my weirdness], but I will equate my appetite for delicious Madelinetosh at the same level to that of chocolate addicts. Alas….I wait on pins and needles for the next subscription of the yarn club to open.

The following pictures show the monthly offerings of two different colorway subscriptions (except for El Greco- neutral colorway). I purchased both jewel tones and natural tones

Magnolia Society ~ June 2013

Daffodil (Golden); Cardinal (Red)
– photo credit Katwmn1
El Greco (Grey) Madelinetosh 80/10/10 Fingering
photo credit Katwmn1

Magnolia Society ~ April 2013

Blue Bell (bluish/purple) Madelinetosh DK Twist
photo credit -mrsmcelrath
Arctic (icy dark blue) Madelinetosh DK Twist
photo credit – fierybug08

Magnolia Society ~ March 2013

Leaf (green); Quill (purple) Madelinetosh merino light-
photo credit Katwmn1

Photocredits: As a librarian, I believe in citing sources. All photos used in this post are from Ravelry users. Two colorways are omitted from this post because I was not a fan [creative license]

Travel knits

My commute to work during the week is 1.5 hours round trip. I spend my time with smaller knit projects to make the time go by faster. For my Chicago trip, I decided to take a new project that I started working on so that I wouldn’t feel guilty for leaving behind on the Camilla blanket. I decided to work on a different knit project to alleviate the stress that I was starting to feel for not finishing the blanket. The Noble Cowl is made with Madelinetosh DK Twist, Blue Bell. I am not a fan of this colorway, but I have received a lot of complements. I prefer richer colors rather than the pastel mix of blue and purple. The colors that I am most attracted to are bold and have a distinct color variegation.

Noble Cowl by Emily Kausalik

Noble Cowl
Noble Cowl