On the blocks…

I admit that I am the biggest procrastinator. When I was thinking of a theme name for this blog, I thought about inserting ‘procrastinate’ somewhere in the tag line. I changed my mind because I thought procrastinating is the opposite of productivity. Oh well…

On the blocks…my semi-finished project Netty. Oh how I am sooo relieved to have finished this piece. I have mixed feelings about it. I am a SEC football fan to the core. When I finished the project, the colors– purple, yellow, and green gave me a slight headache. How is it possible that I conjured up the color scheme for LSU. Oh brother….hope my GA Bulldogs don’t disappointment this season.

Multi-colored Netty on the blocks
Multi-colored Netty on the blocks

Dear Knit Fairies,

Please help me with this project. Stop by my house and knit a seamless stitch for this project. I promise that if you do, I will not purchase yarn for 2 months *gulp*


Procrastinaknit Ge Ge


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