On the Block….

Dear knitting buddies,


Blocking mats
Blocking mats

Summer is shaping up to be very productive. I don’t know if I should blame it on my upcoming business trip to a new city or the warmer weather. I have a reputation for blocking projects at least 8 months after it has been finished. I have no excuses– I am learning to accept this character flaw. I might not be the best project manager– just call me the ‘consultant’. I am good with handling a portion of a project. Perhaps I need a few more years of knitting under my belt before I can embrace the knit-block-finish dance. Friends, what do you think? What is your least favorite task concerning knitting?



On the blocks…

I admit that I am the biggest procrastinator. When I was thinking of a theme name for this blog, I thought about inserting ‘procrastinate’ somewhere in the tag line. I changed my mind because I thought procrastinating is the opposite of productivity. Oh well…

On the blocks…my semi-finished project Netty. Oh how I am sooo relieved to have finished this piece. I have mixed feelings about it. I am a SEC football fan to the core. When I finished the project, the colors– purple, yellow, and green gave me a slight headache. How is it possible that I conjured up the color scheme for LSU. Oh brother….hope my GA Bulldogs don’t disappointment this season.

Multi-colored Netty on the blocks
Multi-colored Netty on the blocks

Dear Knit Fairies,

Please help me with this project. Stop by my house and knit a seamless stitch for this project. I promise that if you do, I will not purchase yarn for 2 months *gulp*


Procrastinaknit Ge Ge

Tuesday Queue

I am motivated whenever I make lists. List making brings me comfort. I am two months away from finishing graduate school and my book list is starting to grow. My makeshift bookcase is an eyesore. To my defense, I am moving in two months so in my next place half of contents on the bookshelf will be recycled.

Eyesore Bookcase

On to better news….

Here is my tentative list of knitting projects


So Faux Cowl by Amy Keefer

Funchal Moebius by Kate Davies

A Noble Cowl by Emily Kausalik  [In Progress}


Grace by Jane Richmond


Dover Castle Shawl by Judy Marples

Brown-Eyed Susan by Juju Vail and Susan Cropper [In Progress]

Happy Knitting….

Occupying Needles

I love the knitting community. I feel really lucky that on any given day, I can count on my LYS to take my mind off my worries. Each trip I can count on meeting a new person,  sharing knitting stories, and showing photos of finished projects. So in the spirit of sharing, here’s what I have on my needles….

Noble Cowl – Blue Bell Madelintosh DK Twist
Camilla Blanket by Carrie Bostick Hoge


After much thinking, I decided to try a new blog to document my knitting journey. I have been very busy lately between finishing school and working on projects to de-stress. So my fellow knitting friends I hope that I can keep everyone entertained. I want to share my journey while learning new knitting techniques. I never thought I’d be a good enough [knitter] to contemplate making a sweater. I now have three sweaters in the queue. I am working on my third storage bin because for some strange reason my stash keeps growing…thanks to the Magnolia Society.

Madelinetosh DK Twist ‘Blue Bell’