$28.46 GAL

Hi Knitting Friends,

I had such a busy weekend. I almost felt like I went to work because I was so busy. I had a nice time spoiling my partner with a dinner, movie, and shopping. It was nice because normally we are so busy resting from our work week– having a nice change to celebrate a birthday was a good change of pace.


Today I made my purchased from Ravelry’s annual Indie Designer KAL. My contributions of $28.46. I selected over 30 patterns during my first review of eligible patterns, but then limited my choices based on the likelihood that I would start the pattern within the next 6 months. I plan to make Gramercy, Onward, and Bathurst for the Indie Designer KALs.

Screenshot 2015-11-22 22.10.34

Alicia Plummer– Paperwhite, Fresh Mint

Shannon Cook– Onward

Laura Chau– Bathurst

Corrine Walcher– Not Just Boring Dude Socks

Hunter Hammersen– Gramercy, Marooned



IG Saves me AGAIN

Hey Knit friends,

I am surprised at the small amount of guilt I feel for not update my blog for over a month. My last hiatus was for 6 months with good reason. I acknowledge that I experience a couple of ‘unmotivated’ seasons mostly when the seasons change. I completely withdraw from people and have very little energy to do anything. Luckily, I have been doing better at surrounding myself with knitting friends and I look forward to Thursdays at my LYS.

SO many of you may be wondering how IG has kept my spirits alive. Below is a photo from my Instagram (IG) feed. These socks are everything to me— the color and texture. Katie a dear IG buddy buzzed me a few days ago to remind me that this sock (plus 2 others) are FREE with the pre-order¬† of Hunter Hammersen’s new book “Fine Things for Plain Occasions” for a limited time (until November 24, 2015).


Photo credit: Found on IG


I have been using Instagram (IG) more then Facebook or telephoning people. My partner has started sending me direct messages daily with pictures of pomerian. Eventually we will get another dog. It’s funny because the dog pictures she shows me never fails to make me laugh.


Photo credit: Found on IG


Friends, who do you like following on IG knitwise? What is the next project that you can hardly wait to get on your needles?



Indie Designer Blitz

Hi Knitting Friends,

It’s been awhile. October wasn’t the best month, but somehow I managed to get through it. I started job hunting two months ago. Three interviews later for three different positions– now I’m on my way to an ‘in-person’ interview. I am fighting to stay optimistic. I know that I want to see some changes in 2016. The holidays are a week away and my favorite time of year is just starting.

Indie Design GAL 2015

Last year was my first year supporting Indie Designer knit/crochet handmade wear . I enjoyed shopping for patterns at a small discount and participating in scavenger hunts. This is Ravelry’s chance to introduce you to over 400 designers and there is much to see. Here are the rules on how to label/tag your projects. I’ll probably stop by soon to share what I hope to knit during this time.

The fun doesn’t start until Thursday, November 19th @ 8pm EST. The large KAL2015 (insert garment type) runs from 11:59pm US EST on Thursday, December 31. Projects made before this are not eligible for the GAL.

So this is a great idea for purchasing items for knitting friends/family members. I used my Ravelry Favorite bundle (tagged as GAL2015) to tag items that I want to purchase in the future.What’s in your pattern gift bag? FYI…for tech savvy crafters– Pinterest will also have boards specifically for the Indie Design GAL (coming soon).



Knit Intentions

My first fiber festival

Hi Knitting friends,

Last weekend I attended my first fiber festival– Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival. It was a spur of the moment trip and I was lucky to go with a friend. I enjoyed the cooler weather of high 60s. I sported my vintage Old Navy feather vest. This trip was very significant because I have never seen a live goat, alpaca, sheep, or camel. I dodged a ‘sneezing bullet’ as the alpaca let one loose.

I had so much fun because I ran into a local dyers. I was on my best behavior. One skein managed to make it home with me. I bought new stitch markers for socks.

Wandering Wool
Marigold colorway

Next purchase is BFL Extralong sidewalk chalk


Team Knit Gratitude

Hi Knitting Friends,

I have been very busy these past few weeks, but wanted to drop in to give an update. I made a ‘executive decision’ to halt my weekly blog knitting updates. Although the journey to knit things is very rewarding, I found myself stressing out whenever I missed a week. I promised myself last year that I would become the type of knitter that made things as a stress reliever and not as a ‘mandatory’ experience.

September finished

I ripped the second sock to the gusset. I modified the pattern to knit through back loop (ktbl) instead of using regular knit stitch. An old friend named Gauge shook it’s ugly head at me. The pattern was fine, it just reminded me that having a knitting book might be a good investment for future sock patterns.

My daily commute has begun to cause me angst. I am thankful to my LYS Thursday evening group who are always there to greet me when I walk through the door. It is nice to see the regular faces and continue conversations from previous weeks. I ended the night with hand-winding a ball of yarn with a knitting friend outside the store because the time got away from me.

Thursday_LYS pranks

I am very thankful that my Thursday evening knit group allows me to be an observer, a prankster, and attentive listener. I am naturally introverted with the exception to my hysterical facial expressions. I am working on a new project, Baa-ble hat for Shetland Wool Week KAL. In a rushed attempt to make sheep via fairisle, I created a ‘Siamese’ sheep motif. It gave me and the gang tonight a giggle. I will say that I even took to Instagram to share my newfound invention.

Siamese Sheep

Fall Knit Palpitations

Hi knitting friends,

I have been tortured myself trying to finish my Seine by the River socks. I am so darn mad at myself for not paying attention. Of course there will be a gauge issue when stitches are changed. I made a modification to knit through the back loop on the foot portion instead of regular knit stitch. It looked great on sock #1. I was trying to cut corners on sock#2 by going back to knit stitch for the foot length. I have an inch gauge difference between the different stitches. This calls for a drink this weekend. I’m ripping out today. Seine_2 Foot GaugeI wish I could call on a knitting faerie to rip it out and change it with a dash of a wand. On the other hand I want the socks to be stunningly beautiful– so it must be knit right. Or I should learn 2AAT. [Don’t hold your breath friends]. If sock knitting is my meditation, 2AAT would take the fun out of things. All my friends know I love the craziness of a lace pattern.

In more promising note. My knitting queue seems to be growing bigger. I am in love with a new hat, Lolo by Jared Flood. And I will use stashed yarn. It will be my best ever and first hat for my lovely wife.

Photo credit from Ravelry

Photo credit from Ravelry

I’m still trying to convince a friend at my LYS to make this ‘badass’ (a good thing) sweater as a Fall KAL. I dress for comfort, but I am beginning to find that my knitting styles lean towards simple yet colorful motifs. I’m a die hard fairisle fanatic, but I have been neglecting it over my obsession with socks. I am going to try to dig deep and parcel out my fairisle mojo. It’s Fall and I ready for some hardcore fairisle knitting challenges. Below is the rest of items stored in my queue.

Knit_Obsession**All photos were taken from Ravelry. Photo credit is indicated underneath photos.

What’s in your queue for the Fall?