2017 Intentions

Good morning Knit Friends,

I do not feel like my normal chippery self, but life must go on. I lived most of 2016 with intention. I define intention as action behind words. An example of intention in 2016 is that I went to a library conference and managed to present in two different segments. My confidence in research and having a professional presence both were achieved. I even managed to utilized Twitter at the conference and while watching Super Soul Sunday. That was the biggest surprise when I saw that I was re-twitted. 

In 2016, I honored my intention my making a cabled hat. It was scary, but I made it through. It had a good home for a knit friend.

In 2017, I have more knit plans:

  1. Finish 4 WIPs. One sock, two shawls, one hat, 
  2. Schedule 2 knit sessions for cabling
  3. Start first sweater by Nora Gaughan called Mohr 
  4. Make 3 socks for me

    In non-knitting goals:

    1. Complete book chapter by providing research and analysis
    2. Complete research for local symposium conference
    3. Attend a library conference in August
    4. Attend a professional football and college basketball game
    5. Have fun even if things don’t turn out the way I want it to.
    6. Read 10 books, most are non fiction (the list is at work)

      Lastly allow myself to grieve through writing and talking with friends. Listen to music more and allow for silence whenever things become too much. My uncle was like Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid. He always asked a question when I’d ask him something as a little kid. I can almost hear his voice saying “Do not give up Grasshopper, I’m with you always”. 

      Still here… amongst #knitters

      Hi Knit Friends, 

      Special thanks goes out to my LYS friends whose presence was an antidote for my grief. I remember studying Elizabeth Kúber Ross in undergrad. I wasn’t interested in what she thought then, but now it makes some sort of sense. The stages of grief. I’m still angry and resentful. I truly to be myself, but the loss of my uncle who was my shining light isn’t physically here with me. Advice for grief that isn’t helpful… “It gets better with time”. This makes me angry. For the bereaved time is like poison. I’m still not myself, but made it a point to be around others for the sake of having normalcy. 


      I haven’t done too much. I want to finish this test knit that is beyond due. A dear knit friend showed me a fabulous hat batter with chunky yarn. It’s mean green for a dear friend. I working on another Kate Davies hat and bought some fabulous colors from Tempting Ewe Yarns. 

      #Knitcircle gift


      Hi Knit Friends, in the knitting world, crafters are privy to some of the most heart wrenching and endearing moments when they enter a knitting circle. 2016 has been a challenging year. I have gained a better perspective, taken more risks, and experienced a great loss. In my knitting circle, I am never disappointed because I always leave a little lighter.


      I had a heartwarming chat with a new knit friend (Named V34). This is my first experience with a major death in my family. Only in a knit circle could one find sage advice. V34 shared her story of dealing with the loss of her husband. I was able to listen to her share and figure out how best to show up for my aunt. Several helpful things that I took from the talk was to let my aunt know that I am available for her, let our family grieve as they see fit, and to be of service for the bereaved. Even before his death, I had often come to the knit circle to vent or listen to fellow knitters. Knitting has become a way for me to focus my nervous energy. I would probably be bald from twisting my hair if I didn’t have knitting. I was working on Wheat Fields (picture above), but in my grief screwed up the sequence of lace. Just as life we can choose to handle things in certain ways. I chose to just leave the error because to an untrained eye the shawl has character. Perhaps a year ago, I’d rip out the large lace sequence- but not I’m just riding it out because my uncle lived his life with ease and humor. Rest easy Uncle.


      Knit Gift-along 2016

      Hi Knit Friends,

      Today I am trying to find ways to be grateful. It’s still hard to believe that my uncle is no longer with me. Last night, I watched the football game in his honor- quite fitting that the Raiders managed to beat Houston. No surprise to my uncle as I’m sure he probably had his hands in making it happen. Or maybe it’s the kid in my that has yet to let him go.

      The last two years I have participated in Ravelry’s Giftalong. It a tradition that I hold to as I love to support small businesses. Each year over 300+ designers get together and select several items to sale at a discounted rate. I am doing my part in sharing this wonderful opportunity to all my knit friends


      Here is the direct link for over 300+ designers participating in Indie Gift-along

      Here is the link that I used to craft my collage: Collage Maker: Be Funky

      Below is a lovely selection that I have chosen to purchase.


      Passport Mitts Check This Out! Hat Birdcage
      Skookum (hat) Free space Tacit (mitts)
      Compass Shawl Luicida (hat) After Party (blanket)


       **this list reads from left to right. here’s a list of details for the Indie Design Knitalong. Discount (up to 25% off) designs begin today Nov 22,2016 to Nov 30, 2016. 

      Friends what are you making for the holidays? 





      Goodbye Grief


      It’s with shock I share these words to no one in particular. It’s probably something that I would share with my uncle. I met my uncle when I was only eight years old. He was a big guy, over six feet tall. He was one of the most important people in my life. We talked at least three times a week. From football, politics, higher education- he was always there for me. When he married my aunt twenty years ago, he also treated me like a daughter. The last five years were the best because I felt like he made an effort to get to know me as an adult. Sometimes I think its hard for parents to ever see their children as anything else. My uncle did. He was consistent, honest, intelligent, and loved unconditionally. He was very compassionate and never let his heart harden despite how the world treated him. He always had a story and lived life as if it were his last day. His optimism and hope will forever be remembered. I don’t know if I’ll ever meet anyone else like him. He loved me as his own and the world will never be the same. Rest peacefully Uncle T.

      Grace, Gratitude & Handmades

      Good afternoon Knit friends,

      It’s ‘HumpDay’ Wednesday and I already feel like I have ran a marathon. I have come to the tail end of interviews and hope to have closure sometime after the holiday break. Monday was a sad time for many of us because we lost a rare jewel. Gwen Ifill, a national journalist taken so soon from the spotlight. She had a rich career working at the NY Times, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, and the PBS Newhour. I never followed her career closely, but until recently mentioned not seeing her face during the recent presidential debates. Her life was cut short at 61. She had such an amazing life and many have spoken about her legacy of having an impact on so many people. Below are a couple of nice tributes about her life.

      Opinion pages- NY Times Brent Staples, 11-14-16


      Example of Gwen Ifill- David Brooks, 11-15-16

      This made me feel some kind of way. This woman has done so much in her short time here. It reminded me of all the people that have made a lasting impression on my life. I often wonder about the small community of women who have contributed to the person that I have become today. Will they ever know how much their time, wisdom, and kindness was appreciated? I often try to let people know through writing letters or sending cards. In this current political environment, what lasting efforts will you make to make the world better? I contribute by make small handmade gifts, calling, and sending cards to people that I care deeply about. I hope that after I go, my legacy to promote kindness and generosity will remain.

      My newest knit hat project is called the Citadel by Beata Jezek. A quick knit with a lining. A great project for a quick gift. Many changes will come as I have figured out my gauge. It might not fit the birthday girl, but it sure will keep your head warm. Here’s my project page for Sweet Citadel (my personal project name). I used Malabrigo Rios and Rowan Superwash DK (lining). Notes have been updated in my Rav profile.


      What’s on your needles friends? Do you have any celebrity role models that you look up to?