1st Book Club Plans

Hello Knit Friends,

October is almost over. 3 more days and it’s a wrap. I haven’t knitted consistently this whole month because I am still negotiating contracts to my new job. Just when I want to do a ‘big share’– some new email appears in my inbox inviting me to another interview. This time last year, was the similar song and dance as I had three interviews with no success. I can honestly say that last year’s work move was the start of me gaining confidence and being intentional about my future. The last six months has been filled with small increments of self improvement. I am not a boastful person, but I do see the benefit in acknowledging one’s hard work. 

Acknowledging one’s growth helps minimize ‘imposter syndrome’ that sometimes rears its ugly head. I tend to live in my head as a natural introvert, but will like to encourage others who have introversion tendencies to reach out to people. Reaching out for me to my small network has been so helpful. I have a friend who appointed herself head cheerleader on my encouragement squad. I am able to share ideas and strategize the next move because its healthier to communicate instead of relying on your own knowledge. The stress level becomes more manageable for me too.


I have one week to read the book assigned for my very first book club. It is exciting and scary as I don’t often share publically my thoughts on race or emotionally-intense topics. I will hopefully share my experience from my first meeting with a group of strangers. The older I get the more I realize that my voice is valuable. I may never reach the level of vocal activism, but I am becoming more mindful of the things that I contribute my time to. I can see a distinct difference of the person that I once was in my twenties into the person that I am learning to be more patient and comfortable with.

I found some lovely knitted fall options that I want to share with everyone. I feel like I want a new project that requires needle size no smaller than 8s. Donna Smith’s popular Baa-ble hat from 2015 Shetland Wool Week. I discovered some scrap yarn that would work beautifully with the pattern.

Another exciting discovery is Brooklyn Tweed’s new yarn line called Arbor. Such a refreshing and balanced colorway choice. The muted and pastel colorways from the traditional BK line didn’t really appeal to me. look below for a sneaky peak at a lovely combo of grey and yellow. 

I’m motivated to try a quick colorwork project just to test the yarn. 

What’s got your pulse racing knitwise friends? Anticipating any new patterns or books? Any ideas for starting holiday knits? 

Almost Rhinebeck

Hi Knit Friends,

For a whole day last week I made plans to attend Rhinebeck. It was the best 24 hours, but unfortunately my riding mate had to cancel. No stress on me as I had plenty to do around the house. I’m prepping for my trip home next weekend and hope to finish a pair of belated bday socks. I was lucky to have a foot model at my LYS. She was a size 8 and the intended recipient is a size 8.5. 

This is called Patio Sock and I’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks. I love how the pattern is so easy to memorize and it’s not as crazy hard as it looks. I used some delicious Dragonfly Fibers Tardis colorway. 

I also made a tasty dinner to celebrate a new job. I received an offer and now I am working on the logistics. Broiled salmon and a mixed green salad is a quick meal to make.

This morning we tried a new brunch place. Iron Rooster in Baltimore has gotten several awesome reviews from open table so I decided to try it out. I’d definitely suggest to make reservations before coming. We went “early” at 9:30am and was able to get a reasonable wait time of 35 mins. We order Monkey Bread with Rum infused maple syrup with cinnamon raisin bread. The raisins were saturated with rum. The photo shows it in mid-consumption. 

I had fun following several IG buddies who attended Rhinebeck. Here are some beautiful things I’ve seen in my feed. The left corner of each picture denotes photo credit.

The Coddle Cowl by Claire Walls. 

Lisa Hannes design Optimist using Malabrigo sock. I’d rework the color palette. I like yellows and orange. I’m trying to get my local friends to make it with me.

Sweet Eddie got a haircut and he smells so wonderful. I felt really bad leaving him to get groomed, but he had a good report. He doesn’t like the bath and blow dryer bit, but who does? 

I ended the day with a yummy dinner. My first attempt at stir fry, but it ended up as boiled meat and veggies. I’m sure it will get better second time around. 

Friends, what’s on your needles? Did you see a beautiful habdmade item at the festival? Any new yarn purchases at Rhinebeck? 

Sometimes chickens knit

Hi Knit Friends,

I know it must be an amazing time if I’m already writing another post so soon. I am excited and glowing because I just had a 3 hour gab fest (aka. Gossip session) with an old school mate. Even though we work in the same city, our schedules are so busy we have a hard time meeting. I laughed so hard between taking bites of delicious Peruvian chicken. It’s always nice to catch up because my Southern accent comes out. 

I enjoyed the butternut squash casserole with lovely rice. The chicken was Lemon herb. My friend had a chicken sandwich with a salad. I’m sure I’m the pickiest eater so I chose Nandos in Chinatown. My safe eating place.

My friend doesn’t know anything about knitting, but I told her she needs a new hobby. She laughed. I probably can get her to read the book (above) I found today while looking at IG. I found the author’s page after much warranted freak out fest. I don’t know why I get so goofy over colorwork. I almost want to search for a Swedish penpal just to get my hands on this book. If the author needs an American Ambassador, I’d gladly sign up. Payment in sock yarn is a fair trade 😎

My meet up with my classmate was such fun. We talked about family and work projects. It’s so refreshing to meet people back home as I’m often reminded that manners and genuine niceties are rare in D.C. Each time we hang out we always talk about new books and articles that we’ve read. Halfway through our meeting, I’m pulling out paper to jot down notes because I certainly don’t want to miss a thing. She might have me going to another unplanned conference trip back home as a reunion. I’m filled with gratitude with my friendships. This one in particular is very heartful.

As a self prescribed ambassador, I told her that she should read Awesomely Luvvie’s I’m Judging You.

She mentioned a book called Originals by Adam Grant. I’ll be sending her an email soon about some of my other favorites. Knit friends, what good books have you read? Do you like audiobooks? 

Thoughtful Knit Thursday

Hi Knit Friends,

Again I find myself at Thursday and feeling tired. Last week was the same thing filled with navigating work/life balance. I am thankful that I’ve found a new project to calm myself. I may have mentioned a new adventure with writing for publishing. It scares the hell out of me that someone would be interested in my writing. It’s not a hard topic something that I enjoy, but it’s the story telling portion that has me nervous. I value my private life and this writing assignment will challenge me to reveal things that can certainly help others. I turned in my draft last week and received the feedback today. I can’t believe I was so nervous. I guess it goes to show that I need to be more gentle with myself. My new sock project called Patio sock is helping work out my anxieties. I’m using stashed yarn by Dragonfly Fibers and the name escapes me. 

 It has equal parts blue and purple. The pattern repeats are very easy. I am also trying Addi Flip Stix. They are very sturdy and work well with the yarn- not too slippery.

I enjoy reading and listening to words of encouragement. I try to watch Oprah’s #SupersoulSunday shows because they are informative. My reading list has grown so much. One quote from author of Love Warrior (Glennon Doyle Melton) 

I absolutely love this quote because it is confirmation for me that I will be okay. I’ve felt like as a kid there weren’t a lot of messages around to reassure me that life would become bareable. I still have small residual effects of trauma. Knitting helps to sooth those feelings of helplessness and isolation. When I get lost in a new project I feel better. My focus is sharp and the final project is the evidence that I didn’t give up. Just like in life sometimes our circumstances can be one thing, but our optimism and hard work can lead us to resiliency. I am thankful that I no longer rest in stagnation as a safety net. I can rely on books, knitting, and friends to encourage and love me. Friends, what does knitting do for you? Have you used knitting to cope with hard life circumstances? Below is another nice quote I found on IG and the author is unknown (unless someone can find the owner). 

Another exciting project I hope to start this weekend is from my favorite designer/knitter Hunter Hammersen. It’s called Excursion with a discount code until tomorrow. Sorry about the late announcement. I have 2 friends who want to do this. It will be my second cabled project. 

When puppies cry 

Hi Knit friends,

I’ve been so busy this week. Too many deadlines and another interview. Between writing thank you notes, revising assignments and puppy training- I’m feeling empty. I’m tempted to opt for a 4day work week. I’m halfway coherent. My puppy is such a baby and wants to spend every moment glued to me. I will be figuring out how to handle his insistent barking. My puppy duties have left me with no knit time. I stayed late tonight to visit a knit friend. I got new needles to test this weekend. This rain will help me get back into knitting mode. Below are photos from IG that is knitworthy.

This one was made by IG @kelseyknits and #Fringesupplyco discovered this one. I’m a sucker for this color and it has cables.

These badass-ed sheep are a definite holiday gift. I found these on Twigandhorn website.

Wow, Another great cable knitted shawl called Icterina from my IG feed. @hunterhammersen genius at it again. Below is a unnamed project also designed by my idol Hunter. 

[Photo msg >> @Regrann from @hunterhammersen  –  These are going off to have their photo shoot soon (which means the pattern will be back out soon). Can’t wait to have them out again…there’s something so marvelous about that ever so slightly wavy leg, don’t you think? #Regrann]
What are your plans this weekend? Wine and southern cooking is on my agenda. 

Pitter Patter Knits

Hi Knit Friends,

Man…this weekend was spend relaxing or at least catching my body up with my mind. I am filled with nerves. I think this might be a feeling that I am not used to sitting with. Normally when I feel nervous my body has a way of shutting down. I’ve got too much going on to give in to those emotions. I feel like I am finally living the mantra “living in a comfort zone is not living”. Or maybe I just made this up. I’m sure I whispered this ‘silent’ prayer to help me do better. My knit life has been on hold because of all the good things that are happening. I am learning to lean into this speed of life. To enjoy the benefits of my hard work. But also to not take too much comfort in my rewards because there is always more that could be done. I am sharing some IG images that are giving me “Knit palpitations”. I feel like if i generate a list then on my gloomy days I have more to choose from.

Photo credit from IG @anglovesgnomes in #lemmykshawl in @threeirishgirlsyarn Guinness colourway.

I need a nice holiday knit. And my next project will be…a fabulous cowl with delicious colorwork. Thanks to Donna Smith’s new design

Photo Credit IG @donnasmithdesigns #shallmillenssnood

Last week I met a friend at a LYS near work. It was such fun because we work in the same industry and have similar knitting preferences. I have been scared to do anything adventurous. It only takes small encouragement or agreements to KAL for me to cave. It isn’t a hardship because I finally found a sweater that I can envision myself making and wear. I cringe a bit because I have VERY LONG arms, but the cables are sooo inviting that I’m sure I can convince myself to do it. Or if I’m that sick of it by the time it’s over…I can become a vest. I am not that great at math, but my knit friend said she would hold my hand. When she described how she reworks and organizes her notes to make a sweater… my mouth dropped. How does she make it sound so simple. She said that since the front and back are cabled that I should knit them at the same time. Who ever said knitting is not a team sport— is a fool.

Nora Gaughan’s Mohr made with Brooklyn Tweed. I’m not into Tweed so I’m going to use Blue Sky Worsted in a light grey. It has a 4 out of 5 skill difficulty. I’m all about going hard especially for my first garment project. I have a good teacher. I feel lots of wine in my future (no while knitting).


Cable cherry popped

Hi Knit Friends,

These last several weeks have been filled with fun and business. I’ve neglected my blog for a couple of weeks within reason. A couple of job interviews and personal commitments kept me away.

My sweet Eddie has brought so much fun and love to our lives. Just seeing his sweet face makes me melt. He made it through a couple of baby booster shots with bravery. I’m a wimp when it comes to needles and doctors. I realized that I almost maxed out my data plan by listening to audio books. And I’ve been experimenting with Twitter for the past two weekends. #SupersoulSunday got me all in my feelings with @Momastery Glennon Melton and Wes Moore’s The Work.

I managed to reach another scary knitting goal: Cables. I sat in my LYS as two friends coached me through. It was a simple 1/1 left-right basic cable. I did a deep stash dive with a 3 year old skein of Brooklyn Tweed yarn. This lovely project was inspired by @kate_1973 (via IG) — see 2nd pic. I know my photo is probably for a kiddie sized hat. P.S. I haven’t blocked it yet so it could stretch a bit.

I am very satisfied and feel like I can take on some new cable challenges. I’m looking to get the new Nora Gaughan’s Knitted Cable Sourebook.  It will become available in mid-October. One dear knit friend suggested I now knit a sweater. I laughed because even though I like a challenge, I’m not ready to tackle 2-in-1. I have my heart set on a Jared Flood inspired Cowichan-style vest.

The following list are some gorgeous Fall inspired pieces I’d love to knit. I might have to consider a pre-Fall retreat next year to knit for a long weekend. Photo credits are cited with IG handles in the lower left corner.

Tickleberry shawl knit by @Knottybykniture
Bough (hat) made with favorite Qunice and Co.



Pretty Alba designed by Melissa LaBarre


Eyenhat by Bristol Ivy featured KAL affliated w/ @agatheringofstitches



My knitted soul is full. What’s on your needles or stirring in your knit queue?