Gauge: Weekday Roundup

This week I was so busy that my Thursday felt like a Friday. It also was one of the coldest days in Maryland. I’m thinking about buying me a new winter coat. I’m so glad I’m a knitter. I triple wrapped my Quince and Co cowl around my face this morning. (sorry no photo– too cold).

I wanted to see about making a new pair of socks out of sock yarn. But, my knitting buddy SA has insisted that I get gauge first (bummer). Before everyone gasps…. I HAVE NEVER MADE A GAUGE SWATCH. >> SAY WHAT?!?!? Yes ma’am and gents. Sooo the word on the knitting couch is that gauge is crucial for sock knitting. So… this afternoon as I wait to see the doctor, I will be crafting my first gauge swatch.

Weekly round-up: Yokes by Kate Davies; Brioche friends

Weekly round-up: Yokes by Kate Davies; Brioche friends

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekly knitting night at Cloverhill yarn shop. I’m sharing a knitting scrap photo of my new knit buddy M. finishing a brioche project. Knit buddy M is trying to convince me to take a plunge to brioche. I said no… I need to sink my teeth into knitting socks. My knitting buddy SA is helping me navigate toe-up socks.

What’s on your needles? What’s your favorite sock? Do you like cuff-down or toe-up?

Football & Knitting

Malabrigo Rios 1/2 sock

Malabrigo Rios 1/2 sock

Hi Knitting Friends, there are three things that make me curse: Football, traffic, and knitting. I pride myself for my Southern manners, but these are a few exceptions. This week has been such a head turner. It’s been one of those weeks where you don’t know what day it is and wish there were 16 hours in one day to finish everything. I am just now catching my breath. I met a milestone this week by finishing my first pair of socks.

The NFL has always been a part of my family home life for as long as I can remember. Every Thanksgiving, our families sat around the television to watch the Cowboys play. Sundays dinners, football, and card games are things that I miss the most from home. Cloverhill Yarns Shop is my LYS that makes Sundays bearable. I spent last week focused on the socks. I was so excited because I was beginning to understand how to make socks. I got stuck on the ‘picking up stitches’ section of the sock, but I didn’t get discourage. I took the center-pull ball and started knitting the second sock.

Worsted weight: Suggest this for first socks

Worsted weight: Suggest this for first socks

My first sock was a simple top-down. It is not a pattern that a friend gave me.

Lessons Learned: This project was very wonderful. There were times that I got lost and needed to rip out several rows. I enjoyed using DPNs (size 6). I think I will really enjoy sock knitting because it is really quick. I will try toe-up soon. I joined an Facebook sock group called “Addicted to Sock Knitting”. This group has over 9000 people and they are very responsive.


Knit-Sock Whisper: I stumbled upon this sock designer’s blog while searching Ravelry for sock patterns. I HEART Susan B. Anderson. I found two important blogpost: (1) How to make socks and (2) formula for men’s socks. Susan B. Anderson shares so much wisdom with her readers. She shares photos of yarn and completed projects. I will definitely watch all her video tutorials about knitting techniques. I feel like a girl with a new toy.

What’s on your needles? What’s your favorite sock pattern?

Knitting socks with headaches

Hey Knitting Friends,

How’s everyone doing? I am doing well as can be expected. I think I am experiencing anxiety caused by ‘empty-nest knitting.’ It’s a similar phenomena that some parents feel when their children leave home. I feel anxious because I finished a project and now I tried two new projects, but nothing seems to give me knitting adrenaline. Hmm….this is totally a medical issue *sighs*.

First socks & cat Punky

First socks & cat Punky

I have made slow and steady progress on a sock using worsted yarn. I had to reschedule my knitting lesson because of the weather. I am thankful that Cloverhill Yarns shop (my LYS near home) is always available to offer help over the phone. I am happy that Thursday and Friday the shop is open so that I can Sit-n-Cry. I will say that I completely took advantage of help. Now I find myself at another dead-end with the sock. I wish I had another set of DPNs so that I can start on the other sock.

My last knitting confession is that I frogged the shawl that I started making for my aunt. I am still too frustrated with it. The 22+ page directions has caused me headaches. I wish I could just call the designer and get the quick 411 on the damn thing. I will swallow my pride and run back to the yarn shop this weekend. I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl, which has always been a holiday in my family. This year I will totally ignore it because I don’t like either team. The television will give great background noise. I will pause for Katy Perry’s Half-time show.

Blog Lust Thursdays #2

HI Knitting Friends,

I am always super excited when I find something in my WP Reader Feed. In the spirit of celebrating blogging brilliance, I want to share some blog lust with my readers. I discover the neatest things from browsing Instagram and other blog commenters. As a child, I was very active in sports and I enjoyed reading mysteries. I find an appreciation for all the exploring my parents allowed for me to do as a child. It baffles me that as children grow into adulthood, there is a steady shifting to focus our energies on singular pursuits (in my opinion). There is a small point that I am trying to ‘flesh out‘– I like when I discover ‘triple-threat’ crafters. Triple-threat crafters are people who indulge in more than one artistic pursuit such as photography, foodie, sewing, crocheting, knitting, and writing (etc.). Here are some recent blog lusting brilliance:

YepIndeed– This esthetic blog is sweet and perfect. Gray, a librarian, foodie, and yogi instructor, shares wonderful insights about children’s literature, foods, social media, and yogi postures. I like her blog presence and I look forward to future posts.

Shutterbean– I discovered this blog from YepIndeed’s shoutout. Shutterbean’s blog has wicked recipes, photography, and a weekly Friday list to highlight a weekly roundup. I know she has invested a lot of time in her blog and I am now adding it to my feed. I’m motivated to try out her Blackberry, thyme-infused vodka and carrot soup.