Knitting: Gift-a-long 2018

Hi Knit Friends,

My annual commitment for all things knit designs is here for a week. The following logo is the information about getting 25% off of select knit designs. During this time, funds are tight so I am probably only able to support 3 separate designers.

This select pattern is included in the Indie Design Gift-A-Long! Come join us at for all the inspiration, chat and cheer you’ll need to get your gifts finished this year. My gift to you is a 25% discount on this pattern when you use the coupon code “giftalong2018” from Nov 23, 2018 at 8:00 pm US EST to Nov 29, 2018 at 11:59pm US EST.

I feel like I am knitting more now that I am not working. I have completed several applications and had 3 interviews so far in November. I have an in-person interview at a university. I am excited, but at the same time I need to negotiate like mad to get all the perks if salary isn’t there. It’s in a growing field and can put me in a good career path.

Here are some of my knitting delights:

Amberle by Shannon Cook (purchased)
Veronika Cardigan by Shannon Cook
Crisp Apple Strudel by Katy H. Carroll
Noon Peak by Ursula Almeida
To the Top Hat by Gabrielle Vézina
Lavagna by Kathleen Sperling
Warm for Winter by Lola Johnson
Wendee by Andrea Rangel (purchased)
Mug Shrug by Bekah Knits (purchased)
Socks are for life, not just for Christmas by Jo Torr
Swirled Peace by Lisa K. Ross

Stargazer Toe-Up Socks by Catherine Knutsson

Eversweet by Allison O’Mahony
Old Salt by Valérie Miller (purchased)
Gokyo by Allison Janocha
Zaklina by Allison Janocha .
Cinnamon Stars by Amy van de Laar (purchased)
Crossrail by Jo Torr
Frost Cowl by Amy Cooke
Luidia by Barbara Benson

#giftalong2018 #GAL2018

Enjoy knitters!!!!


Holiday Investments

Hi Knit Friends,

During our mood, I found my uncle’s obituary/funeral program. It hurts me still. He was my biggest cheerleader. Althought it has been many years since we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving, it still upsets me whenever I want to pickup the phone amd call him. He was my hero growing up. I’m glad we spent the last years of his life getting to know each other. He treated me like an adult and asked me questions like I had something to offer. My family with the exception of my aunt still see me as the ‘little kid’. The delicate one who might break. Two years ago when my uncle dies, I broke alittle, but I still standing.

Knitting keeps me grounded. I am thankful for a lot. I am happy to have friends to stay with because my family doesn’t acknowledge my marriage or the love/committment that I have for my spouse. To be disappointed by family is something I cannot explain. I will not go crawling back to people who constantly lied to me about their feelings for my relationship. It takes a weak person to lie to my face for over a year. Hope no o one has to experience that kind of hurt. I alqays thought family is supposed to be there for you.

I’m making mittens for myself and getting rid of socks for a family member who no longer cares for me. This holiday will be different becaise I will be surrounded by people who care for mee. Knit friends I hope you a have stress-free and supportive time. Remember those who once were there for you and celebrate the new ones.

Not meant to be quiet

Good evening knit friends:

2017-2018 have been the hardest years I’ve ever experienced. Sometimes in recovery, people share their “rock bottom moment”. My “rock bottom moment” occurred on a Thursday morning. Leaving my house and not being able to find my car. I cried and was inconsolable. This my speak volumes to my motivation. I won’t go into detail about the financial unraveling I’ve experienced just in these last six months.

This beautiful skein is from Tempting Ewe yarns. We backed the house up to move. I am so sore from packing. One amazing discovery is finding yummy yarns. My stash has grown so much. I had 2 sock requests in exchange for financial exchange. I went back and forth on creating a Go Fund Me page. I have more friends than family. Lately some of my family has shown me that I can’t really rely on their help. We were all set to travel back to my home town (12 hrs away). Last minute bail outs was because I’m married to a woman.

Apple cake

This event with family reminded me why I chose to move many miles away. I had forgotten how cunning certain family members can be. I can’t dwell in it, all I can do is move forward. I feel most comfortable with my lovely wife than the woman who gave birth to me. Years ago, this situation may have thrown me into a depression tale spin. Not today hinwy. As my favorite knit friend said– how’s your F#%* it meter on full? She means have I reached rhe point where nothing bothers me. Every little turn is not a catastrophe. My meter so high, I’m make socks for people.

Good night everyone.

Welcoming back Knits

Hi Knit Friends,

I just needed a couple of months to get my mind back on track. I’ve had several health issues that have made me feel uncomfortable, but I guess it comes with the territory of getting older. I finished my aunt’s shawl and she loved it. It’s getting warmer in California so she may not wear it until next season. I give myself huge props finishing it so quickly. I used Malabrigo Rios my favorite yarn to do it.


Renewing spirit

Hello yarn friends,

Its been alittle over a year since my last post. The strength of the grief tide has gotten less daunting. The theme for 2018 is renewing (my) spirit. I lost my job a few months ago, but I’m still standing. My family has been very helpful. I’m going back to the one thing that I love– knitting. I’m looking at old projects to finish. Renewing spirit means I’m drawing upon the things that bring me happiness. I have several socks I’ve been itching to make. I finished a winter hat called ‘Check this out’ by Laura Reinbach. I chose Tempting Ewe So Wooly Worsted in Fiesta colorway and Malabrigo.

Happy belated #knits

Hi Knit Friends, 

I’ve been slacking lately. My knit enjoyment has been down. I’ve finally settled on the shawl project to make my aunt. She is so special to me and I hate that her partner my uncle is gone. Grief is such a nasty beast. I only feel a fraction that my aunt must feel. It so unfair. I called my aunt on her birthday to wish her well. I could sense in her tone a faraway wish that he would be there with her.

I will say it’s a pattern from one of my favorite designers. It has a chart that I am diligently following. My increases are sort of yucky so I’m unknitting from time to time. Friends what’s on your needles? 

Knit with meaning

Hi Knit Friends,

I thought I would feel differently by now, but grief is a damn bitch. I am extremely grateful for my LYS. Accepting my strangeness and allowing me just to soak up the knit atmosphere. Laughs were hard to come by in the early days, but in my recent trip I started opening up. Opening up to me means laughing and BSing with my regular friends. Occasionally my thoughts drift to my uncle, but he wouldn’t want me to stay I unhappy for long. In addition to my curious dog Eddie. He can snatch a skein in under 3 seconds. He keeps my company when I knit so I guess I can overlook the occasional skein thief.

K N I T T I N G update

I started working on 2 new projects that are giving me joy. A hat called Check This Out! Hat and a pair of socks for a friend (not pictured).

I’m in a dilemma with knitting a gift for my aunt. She chose the pattern and I already can’t stand it. Part of me is fighting it with its 210+ cast-on. I should have known it wasn’t going to be easy. I love that at least the yarn is yummy Malabrigo Rios, but I have to ripe it out because it was a Mobius cast-on by accident. Both are textured, but one grow outwardly (Alicia Plummer’s MidAutumn) and the other is built in the round (photo by Tricotbec- Brookstone). I don’t have time to play around as her birthday is the first week of February.


In another topic: Work update

I am please to announce I’ll be starting a new job at a local university. It only took me five years to aquire a job in the same state I reside. It will be a positive shift where I can really take care of my home and make it more welcoming. I slowing telling a couple of people I work with case I don’t want a big fuss. The funny thing is that my old director is organizing a Luncheon for my departure from the city. I love the people at my old job, but loss motivation. It took me a good year to start looking. As a fellow knitter should remind myself that if the pattern isn’t meshing then it time to get a new project. What’s on your needles, friends?